With Amon Wallet, your assets are 100% safe!

You may have seen or read some news about cryptocurrency theft, right? In the cryptographic space, you should pay special attention. Today, we would like to show you how Amon is prepared to avoid such situations.

Firstly, it is important to point out that most digital asset thefts happen by a slight oversight of their holders. In many cases, used passwords or even private keys are stored in unsafe locations and this facilitates the diversion of these funds by scammers.

In other cases theft occurs through hacker hacking into crypto brokerages. In these hacks hackers steal some of the assets that usually focus on brokerage firms’ hot trading portfolios, hurting their clients. In brokers who have insurance, all clients are compensated for their losses minimizing their losses that are solely due to the inconvenience caused.

At Amon we have seeds: Keep our customers funds Safe!

For this reason, we partnered with the largest escrow provider in the encryption industry, BitGo. Two important pieces of information to recall:

1. BitGo is a Securities and Exchange Commission-USA-audited and regulated company, working with the largest companies in the encryption industry and providing numerous security and custody services.

2. BitGo also has a $ 100M (one hundred million dollar) insurance policy that saves its customers from any trespassing or theft of assets in the company-held portfolios.

We also have internal strict regulations to avoid breaches and keep our user’s funds safe:

– As a fundamental part of our risk mitigation strategy, we are constantly conducting internal audits to ensure there are no violations of our systems, applications and procedures.

– Our developer team conducts quarterly training to ensure everyone involved knows exactly how to perform and maintain best practices and security protocols.

– We make daily updates to our applications so that bugs, crashes or even vulnerabilities can be fixed with support from large companies in the industry.

Safety is our main concern. We are fully aware of your trust in our services and will always do our best to keep you safe and secure.

As suggestions to our users we always recommend:

  • To choose a long password, if possible generated casually with letters, numbers and special characters. Choose a different password from your usual logins.
  • Set the 2 Factor-Authentication (2FA) to access to the wallet.

If you have any further questions please contact us at hello@amon.tech. We, also, take the opportunity to invite you to join our Telegram Community.

Thank you for being with us. Welcome to Amon Revolution!