What the Future Holds to Crypto

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The crypto world has advanced at rates hitherto unimaginable. In ten years of trading it’s expected to be worth 1 trillion dollars (by 2020), whereas Bitcoin is the world’s sixth largest currency in terms of volume of trading and circulation. Just within ten years! Can you imagine anything growing so quickly? Even Apple, which recently became the world’s first trillion dollar company, needed 42 years of work, of trial and error, to reach this pinnacle of success.

Is the world of crypto tokens and cryptocurrency going to disappear? Is it going to vanish overnight, or even in a month? I think we can be certain in saying the answer to that is definitely ‘no’. The world of cryptocurrency is a wonderfully vast one, with its intricacies and its nuances, its pros and its cons, and its inexplicably irritating rises and falls in price. Wait, I take that last one back. That’s not wonderful at all.

But all of its problems aside, the crypto world has caused disruptions in the business world like no other has in living memory, or even recorder history. The very first year Bitcoin was traded, it became the world’s strongest currency almost immediately. And it continued to hold this post for the next four years (2010-2013) and again in 2015. Bitcoin has produced about 70,000 new cryptocurrencies, each with their own staff and revenue. It has given rise to countless services and products. Needless to say, the crypto world is good for everyone.

What Do People Think of Cryptocurrency?

You can expect to be surprised by the way that everyone trying to predict where this roller coaster of a ride that is the crypto world is heading. You can expect that no matter how hard you try the crypto world will continue to astonish and break records. Read more here.

On the more coherent side of things, there are several indicators of what the future has in store for we crypto investors and enthusiasts. While it would be foolhardy, bordering on insanity, to claim to have any surefire way of telling you the prices and values of cryptocurrencies in a month, it is highly logical and acceptable to be able to claim a certain likelihood in the way the scales will tip for cryptocurrency in the future.

Currently, people have gone to an all-time high level of interest for the crypto world, even if they deny it. We all might like to gripe about the things we disagree with, but at the end of the day, we always flip the television channel to whatever plays our tune of bad news. Does that mean we are at odds with the philosophy of this certain hated thing? I would certainly believe so. But does it make us apathetic, impartial or unconcerned about this certain thing? Of course not. Interest is not concerned by positive or negative stigma. It is an abstract concept, with an abstract inclination to good and bad.

So, the fact that around seventy percent of all the people you will meet will have an opinion, however unrefined, on Bitcoin and the blockchain, means that approximately seventy percent of people are interested in cryptocurrency. This would make for a very high level of interest in the esoteric arts of blockchain. And the fact that Bitcoin is always on the news, for better or worse, means that the blockchain is receiving exposure to the masses; or is it the other way around?

Regardless, most people have heard about cryptocurrency; and it takes just one person educated in the mythos of the blockchain to rectify their misconceptions and to make right their wrongs. And that’s a good sign; it means that people are willing to learn.

The actual answer to what people think of cryptocurrency, therefore, must not be misconstrued to include what they have been conditioned to think by the news, media and conservatives who themselves can boast only a meager understanding of the complexities and the advanced laws that govern the crypto-world. The conditioned answer looks like: “Well, I don’t see the point in money that isn’t real. I mean, anyone could steal it, right?” But that’s just the idiocy of the collective. An individual who has knowledge about the blockchain that he or she have themselves gathered and honed would say something more accurate, like: “While the blockchain does have certain drawbacks, the good definitely outweighs the bad”.

What Does Public Opinion Mean to the Blockchain?

Public Opinion is the only thing that can keep a business alive after bankruptcy. A good opinion in the eyes of the masses is a literal lifeline for a company. It means that no matter what goes wrong, there’s always a second chance for the firm; to make amends and begin again. Read more here.

Consider the show Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which got cancelled by Fox but was saved by NBC amidst a massive public uproar. A good reputation can flip the death sentence around.

The fact that the general view of cryptocurrency users is positive relates a tale of reliable service and efficient results from the blockchain. And that means the blockchain is a service that deserves the respect of people worldwide.

There’s an unofficial rule in business: As long as you innovate and keep the users happy, you stay in business. And if you fail to innovate; users happy or no, you’re out of the big leagues. Now if you look at Bitcoin, it’s been innovating since day one. It has been pushing the envelope of technology and finance to new extremes.

I’d say that if the crypto world can perform to even half the level of Bitcoin, it’s going to easily conquer the world of finance. And even if it goes to just a quarter of the performance of Bitcoin, it’s here to stay.

If that isn’t enough, look at how fast a cryptocurrency can develop. Look at Amon, already well on its way to becoming a new leader in blockchain innovation. Look at Ethereum, a new exponent to challenge the status quo of the crypto world. And look at the way virtual debit cards are replacing the utility of a standard credit or debit card. There is an ocean of potential and success out there in the crypto world. The question is how deep you’re willing to dive.

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