What is Cryptocurrency used for? How to use it?

First of all, how to use a cryptocurrency is a big question that everyone needs to know. Use of cryptocurrency relies on secret codes that supposed to be verified throughout every transaction.

For using purpose, you have to buy something online exchange and then choose a digital crypto wallet with a debit card to keep cryptocurrency secure. I order to buy and keep cryptocurrencies you should have to come across following What is Cryptocurrency used for? as described below;

  • Firstly, you should have to decide what type of cryptocurrencies did you want.
  • Choose a specific crypto exchange that accepts debit cards which should work in all countries around the globe.
  • To buy cryptocurrency, you must have to register on the trading account and verify your identity there. You have to create an ID on any trading account to verify your identity or to buy cryptocurrency debit card.
  • After that, you will have to select and connect method of payment upon your desire. Most of the crypto exchanges you to pay by connecting through a bank account or simply by using crypto pay debit card or credit card.
  • Finally, after following these steps you will be able to place your order for cryptocurrency. Typically, you will have to choose your respective type of cryptocurrency and then the number of coins will be provided.
  • You are free to choose any kind of cryptocurrencies as the values of these cryptocurrencies are related to each other or even can fluctuate.

What is Cryptocurrency used for ? How to use it?

Perfect Uses That Cryptocurrency Owns!

For most people such as Millennials and Silicon Valley Insiders, the use of cryptocurrency is typically thought of high-risk investment. However, most decentralised digital currencies like Bitcoin were created ‘to do something’ for a new era and we have such a long list of powerful uses that own cryptocurrency

Now here in this article, you’ll be introduced to 10 helpful uses of cryptocurrency that allows to give you a reason to own them beyond their potential increase in value.

Main uses of cryptocurrency are listed as:

  1. Transfer Your Money at Low Cost.
  2. Acts as a Censorship-resistant.
  3. Investor in Early Stage Startups.
  4. Make Personal Transactions.
  5. Consign Non-Cash Remittances.
  6. Receive Paid to Post Content.
  7. Spare Hard Drive Space Rent out.
  8. Can Travel Worldwide.
  9. Discover Space Traveling.
  10. Easily Purchase Lamborghini.

1# Transfer Your Money at Low Cost

A most popular and well-known way to attain benefit from cryptocurrencies is their ability to send and receive payments at a low cost, with high speed. If you choose another method to transfer your financial intermediaries or highly rated crypto debit cards, then the fees would be doubled and would take several days for cross-border transactions.

For example, recently for about $99 million LTC transaction took only 2 or 3 minutes for process and costs only $0.40 as transaction fees. Isn’t it an amazing way to send your money more cheaply?

2# Acts as a Censorship-resistant

You probably didn’t want that your bank account or all other assets would be freeze during your trip to another country which specifically happened in many countries, then here one of the most unique and useful uses of cryptocurrency comes into play.

Most popular cryptocurrency named Bitcoin acts as Censorship Resistance that supposes to be an alternate store of wealth that only the individual with private keys to a wallet has asses too. Thus, Bitcoin wallet can never be frozen by any authorities in the world.

3# Investor in Early Stage Startups

Introduction of the digital token allows everyone to become an investor in innovative early-stage tech startups while providing new startup ventures with much-demanding seed capital at the same time.

ICOs fundraising provides startups with a good opportunity to raise capital by selling digital tokens for establishing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH). In most of the cases linked with digital tokens, ICOs have increased in value by thousand percent.

Now cryptocurrency and its based fundraising have helped startups to raise about $12 billion in the past 18 months.

4# Make Personal Transactions

One of the best usages of cryptocurrency is, it enables its users to make anonymous financial transactions. If you want to make money transfer without even explaining the bank officials at a low-cost rate with high speed, then this must be your first choice. This method highly inhibits unnecessary bureaucratic process and make quick transactions on the go.

Privacy centric digital currencies such as Monero (XMR), zCash (ZEC) and much more enables a user to make private transactions through buying crypto with debit card.

5# Consign Non-Cash Remittances

A Nigerian blockchain startup enables its users to send or consign their non-cash remittance from everywhere in the world. They also introduce their app which allows utility bill payments through the best crypto debit card.

This agency plans to expand into the markets by sending non-cash remittances to facilitate its users and buyers.

6# Receive Paid to Post Content

World’s first incentivised platform that enables publishers to receive financial rewards in the form of cryptocurrency is Steemit. Posting and Curating content on the network by providing high-quality content made possible through this platform.

Finally, this platform helps users of cryptocurrency to receive paid to post content with the help of techniques attain by this platform.

7# Spare Hard Drive Space Rent out

If you are using traditional cloud storage platform then after reading this article you will quick up with it.

In order to use cryptocurrency and store it with this platform following points are kept into your mind;

  • Storj will be a faster, quicker and secure way of storing all types of cryptocurrencies on the go.
  • Faster because multiple machines serve your files within a few minutes.
  • Cheaper because you’re renting people’s hard drive space instead of using a purpose-built data center.
  • Provide a secure alternative to an existing cloud storage system with their new revenue stream.

8# Can Travel Worldwide

Now, due to the explosive growth of cryptocurrency, you can travel anywhere into the world by spending the cryptocurrency. Established travel agents allow you to receive and pay through Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency to book flights, car rentals and hotel visits among every city of different countries.

Isn’t it helpful for you to travel freely? The rapid growth of Bitcoin ATM users now able to convert cryptocurrency into local currency and it helps them to buy the best crypto debit card for shopping and much more needs.

9# Discover Space Traveling

As far as other uses, now if you are fond of space-traveling then this must be your favourite choice that’s it. Richard Branson, owner of commercial space travel agency announced to receive Bitcoin payments for space travel bookings

10# Easily Purchase Lamborghini

Last but not least, while using cryptocurrency you can even buy a Lamborghini or any other luxurious items from the crypto market through using crypto exchange with debit card.


The marketplace of Cryptocurrency not only provides you the best way to buy crypto with a debit card as well as offers a wide range of purchasing all types of luxury goods such as arts, fine wines real estates for those whose digital pockets or currency are deep enough.

In the end, cryptocurrency and its uses are countless and even helps you a lot without wasting your time in banks and other payment platforms to transfer or receive your payment Besides enables you to spend your money in shopping with the help of debit card crypto exchanges.

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