What do you know about Amon EARN?

If you are holding cryptos you definitely need to read this.

Whether you are holding them to wait for the next bull, to keep them as digital gold or get you a present for your next birthday it doesn’t matter.

What matters is that these cryptos that you are holding can generate interests by just depositing them in the Amon Wallet.

For example, if you are holding Bitcoins, you can earn more bitcoins. If you are holding Ethereum, you can earn more Ethereum.

How is this possible?

If you deposit your coins in the Amon wallet, these coins will be lent to hedge funds that will provide interests in the same crypto lent.

These interests are not kept by Amon but are shared with the user, 80% goes to the user and 20% goes to Amon.

How to get your weekly interest earnings

1. Deposit your digital assets in one of the Amon wallets. You may deposit any coin available in the Amon Earn section such as BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, DASH, USDC and DAI.

2. Select Earn and click Start Earning or Move-In.

3. Select your preferred digital asset to make your deposit and confirm.

From this moment you will start earning your interests.

Is there any locking period?

No, with Amon Earn there is no block or minimum deadline for redemption of your assets. It can be done at any time.

When do I receive my weekly interest earnings?

After the initial deposit has been made, you must wait for a full 7-day period starting at 0:00 on the following Saturday.

After that, every Monday you will receive your interests.

How can I calculate my weekly interest earnings?

You can check the annual interest rates and thus calculate the amount per week by dividing the total interest amount by the number of weeks in the year.

To facilitate this calculation Amon has created within Earn a Calculator where you can simulate your weekly, monthly and annual earnings.

Track Weekly Interest Rates

Interest rates are adjusted weekly, as this investment model fits within the variable income modality.

Within the Earn option, you will find a table with Weekly Rates and compare the best-performing assets for the week.

Where can I check my profitability statement?

You will be able to track and compare your weekly earnings through the History option where all your weekly earnings will be recorded.

Turn Euros and Pounds into Cryptos and earn weekly interest

We would like to show you a simple feature so you can safely invest your Euros (EUR) and Pounds (GBP) in Digital Assets.

With Amon Wallet, you will be able to make a deposit in EUR or GBP via your Virtual IBAN in the app.

Once deposited, you will be able to convert your funds in cryptos such as Bitcoin or in stable currencies such as USDC or DAI via the Exchange feature.

Stable currencies do not suffer major price fluctuations due to their clearing contract models but will still give you the possibility to earn interests from Amon Earn.

After the exchange, you can invest as explained above to get weekly interest with Amon Earn without worrying about the devaluation of your capital.

In many cases, annual earnings outweigh traditional savings, even with weekly volatility.

You can trust Amon. Your assets are 100% safe.

To make sure you feel safe we explain to you the safety measures that we take to keep your funds safe.

All assets deposited in Amon Earn will be held in custody by BitGo, one of the world’s most secure digital asset protection companies.

BitGo follows stringent security processes that are audited by the Securities and Exchange Commission (USA), and all of its customers have a $ 100 million loss insurance.

As a fundamental part of our risk mitigation strategy, we are constantly conducting internal audits to ensure there are no violations of our systems, applications and procedures.

Our developer team conducts quarterly training to ensure everyone involved knows exactly how to perform and maintain best practices and security protocols.

We make daily updates to our applications so that bugs, crashes or even vulnerabilities can be fixed with support from large companies in the industry.

We hope you enjoyed our product and we hope you can earn as much as possible by applying your digital assets.

If you have further questions please visit the FAQ section of our website and learn more about our earnings option.

Star Earning with Amon Earn. Welcome to the revolution, welcome to Amon.