Voting Results for AMON Card Designs!

As you all know, we had opened the voting for the designs of our cards. After a week of the voting period, the community finally decided what the looks of our cards would be! We have chosen the Top 4 designs instead of 3, as after the votes received from the community, Design 1 will be the Regular Amon Card, so it means we are going to have 4 card tiers!

Here are the Top 4 designs that you — our community — have picked!

Design #1
Design #3
Design #4
Design #6

Aside from the regular card, the remaining tiers will be announced soon. We have received as well numerous suggestions regarding the designs of our cards. Rest assured, we are considering and enumerating all these ideas as interesting and they might be very helpful for us in the future.

We would like to thank everyone for participating in this event.

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