Valencia is creating Smart Port using Blockchain

Spain’s business ports stated that they are now going to emerge a new and more advance smart port which will be the image of blockchain system. On Wednesday, 3rd of October this amazing news was on air by that company.

The owner who is responsible for making the Smart Port in Valencia named as Jose Garcia De La Guia. He brought this change by implementing the blockchain technology into Port Authority of Valencia. This Port is well known port of Valencia and thousands of members are connected into this. This seems to be the best option for Valencia to make renewable achievements among other International Ports of the World. They not only use blockchain system instead also leads the systems and structure of Ports towards big kind of data technology. He stated that we use this mega blockchain system in our Port’s system in order to make a long and useful logistic chain. Port Community System claims that they are happily using this amazing system as it gives us cloud technology and our partners as well. Read more here.

According to Jose Garcia, we use this and introduce this system to the Smart Port as they are time saving as well as the costs on maintenance is also very cheap and low. This seems to be the well amazing feature of this system.

How different Port Community companies React?

According to the media reports and surveys it was stated that a big Smart Ports and Supply Chain Technology held a big conference in order to make a discussion on the use of blockchain system in Ports and specially the use of this system in Valencia Port. This important and official conference were held in the Dutch city and the name of place is Rotterdam. This conference was held on last week. Representative that are form Belgium and Spain also was there with the main team of Valencia Port. Danish Company who run the business of blockchain Labs were also there.

With the help of many Ports it was concluded that Spain in one of the biggest city which involves in enhancing the system of blockchain technology. Aragon was named as community of Spanish city which involves in the public awareness of the blockchain technology. To solve many problems like social, ethical and economical Catalonia is interested to solve out these problems.

Purpose of ABP in Blockchain technology:

To improve the linguistic carriers of Blockchain technology a big programme named as Associated British Ports short term used as ABP took part. They decided to make the problems solved and enhance the features and popularity of blockchain technology towards it peak. According to them, the programs with linguistic features and problems are likely solved by Blockchain technology. The pilot shipments of the ports are ready to use decentralised method f of blockchain technology and they get their allowance and payment through the limited card and free visa card. Denmark also took part and also make a plan to introduce this blockchain systems towards other ports. A huge kind of linguistic port also made in the port of Abu Dhabi. They concluded that with the help of this system open calibration among the other blockchain labs are fairly cheap and accurate. If you would like to read more about ABP visit this article.

What companies gain through this system?

When companies took any kind of contract, so they make it sure to see all of its functions and features accurately. Antwerp and Algeciras both are different companies from Belgium and Spain respectively. A Coin telegraph report suggest that with the help of this blockchain system the issue of payment through bitcoin debit card, coin card and virtual visa card solved very quickly. Accuracy of the blockchain system in port development are increased day by day and it was concluded that this system brings a platform for blockchain users to use and buy bitcoin with credit card instantly.

Due to the accuracy of the results, different ports of International level take part and held many organisations which support the idea of blockchain in smart port that located in Valencia. Spain is considered as most advanced country which joined different conferences held in different countries and use the concept of linguistic technology in the field of blockchain system. Aragon a British community reveals that the implantation of blockchain system in the smart port will turned into a golden chance and opportunity for the blockchain users to get amazing benefits and rewards through it. Read more here.

Denmark also taking the concept of blockchain system on local ship register. This brings a huge chance to the users of blockchain system and they find many ways to tackle the solutions of their problems related with technology. They are going to implement this mega system on their ports too. Other than Denmark, Catatonia is another country which also took out the standardised system on their ports. The social problems related with this blockchain system are also solved in these countries. They found it optimistic and carried out new technologies to their systems.

Many companies and their partners tried to copy the features of blockchain system in their ports and try to figure out the solutions of problems which make hurdles in good processing of the system. According to the Jose, it is best option to choose blockchain system in their ports in order to gain helpful and useful profits among all over the world. This will also reduce their time and make their energy useful from end to end. UK’s leading port also going to apply the sort of this blockchain system on the services of their ports. Domestic blockchain network is useful channel and ports have to organise their features according to this system.

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