Traditional Banks & Fintechs

Usually, a bank is known to be a financial institution whose primary action is to act as a payment envoy for buyers in order to borrow or lend money. It is an advanced institution for receiving, keeping and lending money on the go. On the other hand, Fintech is an emerging technology that aims to get completed with traditional financial methods in providing the delivery of financial services. Let’s have a look at the comparison and advantages of both traditional banks and Fintech as it is proved to be one of the most trending topics in the current era.

Facilities Provided by Traditional Banks

Following are the main faculties or you may say it as services provided by traditional banks:

  • You can open an account and secured your fixed deposits there.
  • You can renew your fixed deposits anytime and can inquire about your tax deductions check status.
  • You can place a request for a checkbook or demand draft from any traditional bank.
  • You can use your money anywhere while traveling, shopping, transferring funds or much more.

Distinct Components of Traditional Bank

Now, we are going to discuss some main and distinct components which a traditional bank, conquered with crypto kitties price. Mainly, there are three main components placed for traditional banks named as;

1. Capitals.
2. Deposits.
3. Loans.

1) Capitals

The basic pillars of traditional banking are truly based on capital. All banks must have access to these capitals, so they could frequently influence deposits and then converted into loans that provoke jobs and economic growth relates to crypto price charts.

2) Deposits

Once the capital is invested, it is influenced through the collection of deposits which are named as savings and other liquid reserves of businesses of the community. Collectively, these deposits are facilitated by the fact that they are insured up to even $250,000 with full concern and credit goes to the U.S government through availing services by Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). Depositors are welcome to make direct access to their deposits, by using several tools like checks, cards etc.

3) Loans

The collection of Capital and FDIC insured deposits constitute the base of the amount that can be used as Loans. Prudent loans to the general public and businesses push healthy economic growth through enhancing crypto priced.
In short, we can say that traditional banking supports that policies which contain the ability to attract deposits and also oppose such policies which unduly increases the cost of those deposits.

What’s about Fintech?

Financial technology sometimes called Fintech as the short form is a kind of technology that aims to compete with traditional financial methods that come after delivery of financial services.

  • An emerging industry that uses the latest technology in order to improve activities in finance for cryptos price.
  • Most used examples of Fintech technology are using smartphones, investing services and use of cryptocurrency, etc.
  • Companies with financial technology consist of newly based startups and tend to establish financial institutions in which companies are trying to rebuild or enhance the uses of financial services.
  • Mostly financial technology is being used to automate the possibility of insurance, trading, banking services and risk management as well.

Fintechs Vs Traditional Banking, Who’s Smarter?

Now, you will deeply understand the meaning and work of traditional banking and fintech, now let’s have a look at some comparison between them.

Fintech Strengths and Weaknesses

Fintech operators bring their own strengths and weaknesses which one should have to know while dealing with them. To overcome this mess created in the market, let’s discuss some of its strengths and weaknesses for clarity and know about crypto prices today.


➔ The main strength of Fintech is associated with innovations that are interlinked with various brands evolving in the market.
➔ Fintech brings a fresh image towards customers who are related to carrying some baggage from the Great Recession.
➔ The main advantage of Fintech is, they can manage to focus on best of breed service that revolves around specific financial offerings.
➔ Fintech does not pretend to be stick to one platform for accomplishing all financial needs.
➔ This technology leads to make able inroads with customers that may care about narrow elements of their financial lives.


➔ Narrow focus with serious concerns proved to be the biggest source of vulnerability in Fintech in which consumers were unable to manage a fragmented set of financial resources to get crypto price alerts.
➔ An average number of customers with Fintech is not excited about using different sorts of providers in order to manage deposits, borrow, invest and plan their retirement too.
➔ Narrow focus with Fintech limits the main touchpoint which leads to the growth of trusted relationships.

Traditional Banking Strengths and Weaknesses

In contrast to Fintech, traditional banks and other credit unions operate with entirely different modes of dynamics. The users among traditional banking have strong relationships that have been placed for years and also with the crypto stock price.


➔ The traditional banking system can influence the comfort of in-person touchpoints located at branch offices in order to establish relationships with their clients.
➔ They build out the latest digital strategies which make the bonds with clients and buyers even stronger and having information about all crypto prices.
➔ In traditional banking, a sticky correlation found among costumers and customer’s reluctance to make their financial business anywhere he want.
➔ Big national banks have major capital to invest in making digital transformation initiatives for their users.


➔ In traditional banking, clients are neither down nor out in the flight for consumer allegiance. They do face many challenges that need to be addressed earlier.
➔ The most prominent challenge of traditional banking is, it was still a lot of work to do repair customer’s damaged trust.
➔ The trauma-related to traditional baking as surveyed by J.D power consumer which stated as consumers face a big level of significant losses and disruptions related to their lives. This results in it making an image of the financial of traditional banking even worse.
➔ Secondly, traditional banks must address some kind of concern that improves consumer’s digital experience.

Partnerships facilitate Fintech and Traditional Banking

Now, banks are making strong collaboration with integrated platform providers which facilitates them to implement fintech technologies in order to improve legacy and infrastructure of products, solutions and services at all. This will help them to run the system even more smoothly to show crypto price alert and bring the legacy system into a brand-new infrastructure.

Such kind of partnerships helps traditional technology to convert into technology enabled-intelligent enterprises.

Banks and Fintech both make extremely useful collaboration which provides success to the digital world. As we all know that the banking ecosystem is in the state of modification so new fintech and finance-based partnerships are coming in the market for getting benefits by investing their capital. Now, due to some circumstances, traditional financial institutions now understand this truth that this partnership may be the best path for long-term growth.

Successful collaboration among both organizations based on four pillars:

● People.
● Finance.
● Business.
● Technology.

So, we suggest that this Bank and Fintech collaboration will help them to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, so they can easily improve customer’s experience with top crypto prices.


In short, after discussing the main aspects and partnership among traditional banking and Fintech, it is suggested that if traditional banks and fintech proceeds to make a collaboration, then they still able to make an ecosystem of intelligence enterprises with improved infrastructure. They also propose customers with the best products, services and improved solutions. That would turn the blocking into friendship which will benefit everyone around the world.

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