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Bitcoin and other Altcoins are some of the best cryptocurrencies available anywhere on the market today. They are getting major attention from investors all over the world. However, why should this not be the case since cryptocurrencies have time and time again proven themselves to be some of the safest ways to guard against the government’s policies regarding inflation especially. Many people are also starting to use them as their retirement funds as well. Also, some individuals are selling them on short term trading basis and that has helped many people to become millionaires overnight. Also, the first two questions that you have to ask yourself are, where to buy the cryptocurrencies that investors now want and also what are the best Cryptocurrency exchanges on the market today? Read more here.

Before telling you about the exchanges you also need to know that while the market is booming it is not too late to start investing in cryptocurrency at this stage in the lifecycle of the project. Since the bitcoin and Altcoin markets have reached a market cap of 166 billion dollars and it is projected to cross the 250 billion dollars mark this year alone. So, upon knowing that you should definitely invest in the cryptocurrencies it is important to know what exactly you need to do. So here is what you need to do. If you would like to read more about investing in cryptocurrencies visit this article.

The top 5 exchanges


Which has now resumed the limited registrations for their users which open a few hours every day and allow a limited number of users in and is definitely a good place to start trying your luck. This cryptocurrency also provides a mobile application of its own and is considered one of the best and fastest growing exchanges of 2018. IF you have the ability and money to pick only a single exchange then Binance is the one for you since at the same time it is also extremely simple.


This is one of the biggest exchanges on the market today. Called multiple times as the whales of the cryptocurrency market you can end up doing margin trading if that is your thing. Margin trading is also possible within this exchange and it can be one of the best ways for you to get some quick and easy trades that can earn you a fairly large amount of money via short selling.


So far it is one of the most mobile and strongest exchanges on the market today. Mostly because of the fact that it offers you a mobile app to use and that app has been called one of the best in the entire industry. The android and iOs versions are preferred to be used online and it is responsible for some of the heaviest trading on that market today. It is considered one of the strongest exchanges on the market today and the reason is that it keeps itself accessible to all of its users and customers at all different times. Constant updates to their mobile application have made it one of the best in the industry and one par with competing with binance etc.


Since there are multiple different types of cryptocurrencies found on the market and this one is the newest one present on the market today. This new exchange specific coin is called the HT and for 2018 especially this is considered a unique thing that you should definitely sign up for. These coins are new and therefore risky but with the stability present in the market at the present moment it is important to realize. The new cryptocurrencies that can be potentially big in the future can all be found on this platform and that is what makes it one of the best and most useful ones today. It also holds a unique approach to its own trading and is something that you should definitely consider signing up for in 2018. The volume of the traffic through the site is also growing at the same time and that makes it particularly useful since it allows you to get a much better and widespread experience regarding your work. Read more here.


This place is heaven for most initial investors mostly because of the fact that this place has a low cap. Due to the low cap the risk in this market is mitigated greatly since you can lose a far smaller amount of money when trading in this area or this market. This market is also fairly new and therefore developing so it would be impressive and useful for you to establish yourself as a leader in the new market since that is easier and also the market has future potential to become one of the best and greatest ones present today.

Other exchanges like Changelly also exist at the same time. This is a good exchange since not only does it have its own coins it is also able to instantly convert any cryptocurrency to any of the choices that you want. This is the best for instant conversion to the cryptocurrency of your choice. Especially useful in terms of flexibility since the prices of individual coins can vary greatly and it is important for you to realise that thinking quickly and on your feet in these types of markets is what keeps you both alive and relevant at the same time.

Changelly would be the one that I would be personally recommend since it is easy to use and particularly good for beginners to use and therefore extremely profitable and open to newbies and rookies as well. So, get on it quickly and in order to start buying bitcoin with a credit card and utilising the power of the blockchain today.

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