Top 5 Blockchain Organizations

Well, nobody can deny the importance of blockchain technology in today’s market. Everybody knows that Bitcoin Network is the first successful enactment of blockchain technology. Blockchain technology refers to a transparent, advanced and trustworthy network that allows users to transfer their ownership of units securely by using public key encryption and methods of proof of work.

In this article, we are going to discuss the top five blockchain networks which proved to be hot cakes during this decade.

Key concepts of Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology, as we all know that isn’t a new one but most of the people are still unaware of this. So, for newbies, we are going to discuss some main key concepts, so one can easily understand it. These key concepts are;

  • A distributed ledger: Blockchain technology contains a distributed ledger software which helps participants to receive verified information about transactions.
  • Cryptography: Methods of mathematical codes has been used to prevent encrypt transactions in the form of crypto kitties price from third parties.
  • Nodes in Network: Nodes represent participants on the blockchain network. Being dependent on a blockchain network, they may able to authorize and validate any transaction or data.
  • Consensus Protocol: A set of rules which helps to determine how nodes on blockchain network reach on the set of data and help to approve transactions in the network.

Top 5 Organizations adopted Blockchain Technology

Today, many companies and industries adopted blockchain technology as this new technology has enormous benefits with showing live crypto prices and positive potential as well. Now, blockchain hype is going to increase by day and night, therefore, cryptocurrency is just not limited to financial sectors only.

So, now we are going to talk about the top five best companies that already incorporated with blockchain technology:

1# FedEx

It is one of the world’s largest logistics administration companies that can handle billions of dollars in the form of cryptos price worth of cargo around every year. This company, now become the initial big shipping demon to make collaboration with blockchain technology into their supply chain of network management.

So far, they primarily using blockchain technology in order to track high-value cargo and are also scheduling to extend the functionality to almost all of their shipments

In addition, they help other blockchain-based industries to supply chain logistics which ascertained themselves as pioneers in this field and also acts as experts for explaining crypto priced.

2# Burger King Russia

As you are aware with name and fast-food giant Burger King has inaugurated it’s cryptocurrency token in Russia, which named Whopper Coin on the waves platform.

Whopper Coin is known for Burger King’s attempt at using blockchain in order to boost up their reward programs. The unique thing about this approach is unlike the other traditional reward programs, Whopper Coin tokens can store online easily, traded or even transferred to other people by using a wave platform that relates to a crypto price today.

Customers will receive a Whopper Coin for every Rouble which they spend at Burger King and similarly, a Whopper could be bought for 1700 Whopper Coin.

3# KIK

It is one of the biggest online platforms with a capacity of over 300 million active users. KIK was administered its ICO in 2017 and had recently incorporated the Kin cryptocurrency in its platform that can be used to make expenses to other users of the same platform.

Kin Foundation declared that they would be able to deliver zero-fee transactions in the form of crypto coins price by using such a great platform.

The primary goal of KIK is to integrate the blockchain-based payments converted into services that people can already use which creates an unusual economy around their cryptocurrency.

4# IBM

This company is shaping up to be one of the well-known giants in the cryptocurrency area by delivering the backbone of Blockchain-related services to businesses. By using the Hyperledger Blockchain creator device, they can facilitate the company to create its own distributed ledger and other smart contract systems to get crypto price alerts.

Their officials are already made up a partnership with some businesses that bargain with logistics for increasing efficiency and lower the costs for them.

Partners include logistics giants and major banks like Bank of Montreal BMO, CaixaBank, Commerzbank, Erste Group and United Bank of Switzerland.

The main aim of food logistics in the case of Walmart is to make the supply chain even more secure. So, contamination in the network can be reduced easily.

5# Walmart

Walmart in addition to nine other food companies have partnered with IBM, which was done to create a blockchain for tracking food globally through its supply chain. Real-time data can also be apprehended at any point or even on every single food product.

This Food trust blockchain mainly includes Nestle SA, Dole Food Co., Unilever and much more. All of these companies do a collaboration with IBM since 2016 and start their conducting trails of product.

The main motive is to improve the companies and their ability to identify the issues related to crypto stock price and are involved with food recall, for example, track outbreaks which lessen the limit customer risk.

In this era, blockchain technology is altering the way in which anyone can do business by allowing customers to cut out the third party services. It will help them to reduce costs and boosting up the efficiency of all crypto prices.

But, with it’s all properties a question is still here to find it answers and that is,  Is Blockchain secure?

So, the answer comes in as blockchain technology is the best technology and acts as a decentralized ledger which can easily diminish the costs by removing external intermediaries such as banks. This technology appends entries to the record which passed and validated by user-community rather than by a central authority.

Each block of blockchain technology represents a transactional record and respective chains linked with them. In order to fulfill privacy criteria, blockchain operator may store personal data and reference data into its a data-off chain with the “hash” of information.

Storing data with off-chain means all the personal data of users needs to be held by the individual themselves in their professional database. So, the privacy of blockchain typically depends on the users included in it. If they want to keep their data secure then keep the encrypted keys securely. Blockchain, as compared to other technologies, is more secure than centralized systems.


In short, we can say that blockchain technology can be powerful, secure, trustworthy and best of all private. Eventually, security-related to blockchain technology is being ensured by solid architecture, secure design practice and effective kind of work/flow policies.

Blockchain technology offers a great level of security plus trust to its customers with the help of independent verification processes that took place when member computers are located on the blockchain network.

As such, wether you’re not involved directly in the digital currency space or not, you must have to develop an understanding of blockchain technology and how it can be used to transform your all networks of business and investment worlds. The positive potential of blockchain technology not only helps financial sectors but also facilitates economic growth in any country.

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