The Latest Q&A With Daniele

In this session we will be talking about Marketing strategies at Amon, next steps in the company and new partnerships with Daniele, Amon ́s CEO. Let’s start!

What announcements to come will provide the most stimulus to the Amon price and volume?

Daniele: Amon price and volume depends on number of users and community growth. There is no magic to growth the price of our token but growing as a company. Getting listed on exchange is not an ideal solution, you get hyped for one week and then you come back to low volume. We will integrate utility for AMN within the wallet and will growth our users base, this is our plan to grow our volume and price of the AMN token.

Can you tell us more about your marketing strategy in order to increase the community and the adoption?

Daniele: We started to work on SEO strategies to bring organic traffic, this will take at least 6 months to see results. We are also working on growth hacking strategies and started in July small marketing campaigns to see what performs best. Once we know the acquisition channels that provide the best cost per acquisition we will go full speed.

Does Amon already have plans to be listed on more exchanges? Any specific?

Daniele: We are talking with some, Liquid could be an option since our partner Celsius is already listed there but as said before it comes first the growth of our community and new exchanges will come along.

Do you already have a strategy for how the cashback program will work?

Daniele: It will be based on products. Amon Earn will have cash back in AMN based on the quantity deposited in Amon Earn. Amon cards will provide cash back based on AMN token held, length of locked AMN tokens and type of cards.

Is there an intention to partner with Coinrule in order to be able to carry out trades within the Amon portfolio?

Daniele: We talked with the founders but we need their IT infrastructure to be more solid towards this kind of integration, their priority at the moment is to add more exchanges and rules. They are on the good way, is a great project and when will be the time we can think of going deeper in this type of partnership.

Will you update the Whitepaper and Business Plan to investors with the new guidelines?

Daniele: Business plan is updated but we do not share all the details publicly. We are also working on the whitepaper, I cannot give an exact date but it will be ready soon.

Will we have a new website and blog? Is there any company contracted to work the digital marketing of Amon since WP allocates 34% to this segment?

Daniele: Our marketing is handled internally by our team, we don’t outsource the marketing because is a core part of our businesses. We are looking to hire new marketing professionals and we already hire a SEO specialist.

Are you keeping the expectations of 60 thousand users initially and 590 thousand after 5 years?

Daniele: Yes, there was a delay in our plan due to external factors but our growth objectives have not changed.

Can we expect an expansion of the partnership with MKB Bank? Are they interested in keeping Amon on the MKB team?

Daniele: They are a very traditional bank, we are funded by their Innovation fund and we can enjoy their expertise but for now they are more acting as investors and advisors rather than mixing our teams. We have different ideas of cooperation but is a long term shot.

In addition to Celsius, BitGo and MKB is there any other companies you have in mind to partner with Amon?

Daniele: We are always talking to other companies, we would like to partner with some top coins to bring more awareness of our project. It is something we are working on but we don’t have a name at the moment to share, hopefully we will have it soon.

That’s all for today buddies! Remember that we will be doing this every month, in the next release we will talk about Amon AI. If you want to know something in particular, drop us a line to, 10 random questions from the community will be answered by Cristian, Amon ́s CTO.

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