The Best Cryptocurrencies of 2018

2018, it has been thrilling year so far, we had a royal wedding in the land of Great Britain, the Fedel Castro era met its demise, we got to experience the Winter Olympics and the FIFA world cup once again, and so much more. With such crucial events taking place there is no doubt that the crypto-currency felt the shock waves and took and full-frontal hit from these happenings.

So, let us take a look at the cryptocurrencies that have been the fore-runners this year so far and let us find out which one’s you should invest in based on their performance this year.

Before we dive into the chronology of the matter it is important to have one’s ground roots well established. How can one possibly understand what the best cryptocurrencies of this year are without even having a somewhat sound understanding of cryptocurrencies themselves?

It is rather simple; a cryptocurrency is as the name suggest a digitalised and encrypted form of currency that serves as an alternative method to cash and credit to make transactions and carry out any payments. Its popularity has touched the sky in these past few years largely because of the freedom it offers to an individual or organisation since crypto-currencies cannot be tracked by governments but rather only by the people directly involved in the transactions. The sense of security that comes with using cryptocurrency in one’s monetary transactions has made it the talk of the table amongst many. If you would like to read more about cryptocurrencies visit this article.

Now that we got that out of the way let’s dive in and see the rankings of the worlds cryptographic currencies:


Bitcoin is as what most kids would refer to as the OG of the cryptocurrency world. It is the infamous currency that launched the entire world into a frenzy within a matter of seconds and had its name on every lip on the globe and that celebrity status in the crypto community is not falling short anytime soon. This cryptocurrency has had the lead for quite some time and is showing no signs of falling behind. It was made public in the year 2009 and since then it has gone on to claim the honor of being the most used, traded, and exchanged cryptocurrency in the whole wide world. Today, in the contemporary era, there are above 16.8 million bitcoins circulating the economy and that is still far from the maximum number of bitcoins to be made available this year and that limit has been set at 21 million, so you can bet this one is going to the top. Many critics have brought to light the fact that bitcoin is however rather unpredictable and that coupled with its snail-like processing speed, massive consumption of energy, and staggering transactions fees are bound to bring its growth to a halt. While the criticisms may be true there is no sign of bitcoin taking a breather anytime soon, so fingers crossed on this one. You can get bitcoin by using your Bitcoin debit card, Bitcoin ATM card, and Bitcoin prepaid card. Here you can read another opinion about this matter.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin cash is an off-spring of the OG Bitcoin, it was released last year only – in 2017 – and since then it has gone on to become one of the most traded cryptographic currency in the world. The fact that the size of a data block of bitcoin cash is 8MB in contrast to bitcoin’s 1MB makes bitcoin cash a much faster option unlike the snail-speed bitcoin. However, this fast-paced transaction feature does come at the price of the memory being intensive thus it is up to you whether you value speed and time or memory and information.


Litecoin, otherwise known as bitcoin’s younger sibling, has made headlines of its own lately. Belonging to the same family it comes loaded with features that bitcoin users are comfortable around like for example it being a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency. What is peer-to-peer cryptocurrency? Well putting it simply it is the ability of being able to function in a digital and decentralised exchange market meaning that there are no strings attached. Any transactions made using this cryptocurrency or any purchase that you decide to undertake will be unknown to the government or any third-party organisation or individual thus making it a safe place to invest in when you do not want your tracks to be recorded and used without your permission. This was the defining trait that launched cryptocurrencies into the lime-light and it is the very feature that has brought Litecoin into our list of the best cryptocurrency of 2018. Nonetheless, much like its older sibling Litecoin comes with its fair share of disadvantages such as being too intensive in the memory department and having a limit on its market size which is regrettably only 1/20th of bitcoins’. You can get your hands on Litecoin by using a Litecoin debit card.


This cryptocurrency is what one could call the “hip” or the “pop” currency on the crypto community. The reason being the Shiba Innu breed of dog that is on the currency; the Shiba Innu is referred to as a “doge” – pronounced do-gey – by the internet and is infamous amongst youngsters and a large number of people from every age group who are familiar with the internet craze of memes. It was started off as a joke but as you may know the internet has a tendency to take anything and everything rather seriously and thus this joke of a cryptocurrency has found its way into the spotlight and it even has its own online community now. Moreover, this currency is no longer a joke, unless of course if you consider a market capitalization of 2 billion dollars a joke.

Since the birth of blockchain and the cryptographic currency numerous choices for investment have been opened up for individuals, organisations, and even governments. Now before you invest in any cryptocurrency it is a dire need or an absolute essential to understand how that currency will perform in the future – here you must think long term, impulse decisions are not an option.

Thus, after a lot of careful consideration and research we have come up with the top 4 cryptocurrencies of the year so far and we would urge you to invest in them. The choice verily at the end is none other than yours. Some alternative methods to get your hands on crypto currencies are with your plastic cards or payment cards for example Visa or Mastercard. Moreover, the use of the virtual card for such transactions is becoming more commonplace which makes it a stout and viable option for you as well.

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