The Amon Card — Using Technology To Beat The Competition

A booming number of people worldwide is increasingly wanting to trade and spend cyptocurrencies. The spectacular price performance of Bitcoin and Ethereum in the last 12 months, in addition to the cost-effectiveness of cryptocurrency transactions, are helping cryptocurrencies rapidly enter the mainstream. The growth of the sector is by most measures exponential. The number of cryptocurrency wallets has ballooned from approximately 4.6 million at the end of 2014 to more than 15 million currently. This figure is expected to reach 200 million by 2024. Approximately $4.9 billion of bitcoins is traded every day and this figure is also expanding day after day.

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The transition to a cryptocurrency economy is helped by the fact that most developed world economies are already on the verge of becoming cashless. Only 24% of Americans were using cash for day-to-day purchases in 2016, down from 36% in 2011. As an increasing number of consumers set up cryptocurrency wallets, the use of these wallets to make everyday purchases will inevitably rise. Crypto debit cards are becoming the instrument of choice to do this.

At the present time, there are more than 30 crypto debit cards available from different providers. They are not all made equal, however, frequently suffering from technological flaws and a lack of user friendliness. Major ones like Monaco and TenX don’t have dedicated customer support, for example, while others like TokenCard and Wirex do not offer real-time conversion of cryptocurrencies into fiat currencies.

The Amon Card solves the problems encountered with normal crypto cards. It allows the real-time conversion of cryptocurrencies into fiat currencies, directly at the moment you make a purchase. In addition, the Amon Card is the first “Intelligent Card” on the planet. As the cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile, it is hard to know which cryptocurrency to choose when making a payment. For this reason, the Amon Artificial Intelligence System (AAIS) helps you choose the best performing cryptocurrency in your wallet at the time of payment. This helps optimise your spending decisions and save you money on purchases.

Furthermore, while crypto cards like Xapo and Wirex only allow the conversion of Bitcoin to fiat currencies, with the Amon Card you can also use Ethereum and Litecoin (more cryptocurrencies will become available with upcoming releases). A further advantage is that represented by the Amon Card’s interest-paying capabilities. While with Monaco or TenX you earn no interest on your balance, cryptocurrencies that operate masternode systems generate returns for Amon Card holders, which are paid out regularly.

The pilot test of the Amon Card in November 2017 has been a resounding success. We are now about to launch the Amon pre-ICO token sale launch, scheduled for Q1 2018. Sign up now to the whitelist at www.Amon.Tech and get a chance to invest in the Amon token private sale, before everyone else. Only people on the whitelist will be able to invest in the Pre-ICO and also receive an Amon Card — completely FREE of charge. Become one of them by signing up now and joining the Amon revolution!

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