The 5 Top Reasons Why You Should Join Amon’s Whitelist Now

Although the crypto economy is still in its infancy, the market is expanding — quickly. From approximately 4.6 million crypto wallets at the end of 2014, forecasts are that this figure will touch 200 million by 2024.

With already 30 crypto cards in existence, you must now choose the one with the most significant advantages — widespread acceptance, best value for money and the highest number of available cryptos to convert.

The Amon Card provides all these benefits, and more:

  • Availability to spend Bitcoin in addition to Ethereum and Litecoin, with more cryptos coming soon.
  • The Amon Artificial Intelligence System (AAIS) — an advanced AI algorithm which calculates what crypto to convert in real-time, maximising your portfolio’s spending power.
  • Direct crypto to fiat currency conversion, giving you among the lowest transaction fees in the sector.

The Amon Card is setting up to be the pioneer of the future crypto economy. We successfully pilot tested the Amon Card in November 2017, with very encouraging performance results and feedback. The next step is preparing for our March 4th, 2018 initial coin offering (ICO). We are now accepting Whitelist investors for the private-ICO, for which you have to sign up to our whitelist.

Here are 5 reasons why you should sign up now:

1 — You can participate in the pre-ICO token sale ONLY if you are whitelist member. This makes you part of a privileged group of investors who are buying Amon Tokens before anyone else — and with no minimum investment. Amon Tokens will help you unlock various benefits and services, including CashBacks, getting payouts on your balance with masternodes and premium customer service.

2 — You will receive an Amon Gold Card after the Amon Token Sale — completely FREE of charge.

3 — You will receive a 25% Amon Token bonus. That means that for every 100 tokens you buy, we will give you 25 more for free.

4 — Private-ICO investors are known to get the best deals. That’s because most investors will invest only after the public token sale begins on March 4th. As the public ICO date nears, so will the interest and excitement of the investment community. Be faster (and smarter) by investing in the private-ICO phase for which we’ve created a whitelist.

5 — You are helping build the most user-friendly and technologically advanced crypto debit card in existence. The proceeds of the token sale will be used to fund Amon’s continued IT development, AI development and creation of new user features. In addition, you are investing in a startup with a talented team of crypto experts and enormous growth potential. We forecast our user base to reach 60,000 within 12 months of launch and 600,000 by our 5th year. By that time, revenues are expected to reach €60 MLN.

Now you know the benefits of being a member of the Amon whitelist — what are you waiting for to sign up? Join us now for the launch of Amon and together let’s bring the crypto economy to life.

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