Blockchain is the technology that makes cryptocurrency possible. Created by the person or group of people under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, blockchain technology allows information to be stored, logged and distributed but not copied.

Crypto Security Company Open its Branch in Hong Kong

Asia Pacific (APAC)! What’s the deal? A hardware wallet is known to be a device which a user can use...

  03.01.2019 18

Banks of Korea start working with the cryptocurrency exchanges

South Korean Cryptocurrency Perspective The state affairs which is held by government allows an evaluation to take place about how...

  14.12.2018 22

Unique Ways Blockchain is Being Used

Blockchain is an industry that a lot of us might not understand. If you have heard of it, your immediate...

  11.12.2018 22

Comments of Jamie Dimon on Bitcoin Exchange

What JP Morgan published on his Comments JP Morgan and its cooperation is considered to be the largest economical and...

  22.11.2018 24

New Protocol Empower Transfers between BTC and ETH Blockchains

What is New Protocol? Now a days, new kind of technology is going to introduce which allows the new users...

  21.11.2018 25

Self-Regulation of Cryptocurrency in Japan

Virtual Currency Exchange As per from the reports it was confirmed that Japanese Financial Services Agency is going to grant...

  20.11.2018 26

Amoners, We need your help!

As the team here at Amon is doing our best every day to push us all into the future, your...

  16.11.2018 35

Blockchain Hits Hollywood

Concept of Johnny Depp Film: A platform named TaTaTu is going to make partnership with U.S actor and producer of...

  15.11.2018 31

China Launches the Blockchain Laboratory

Is Agreement with Xunlei Limited induces any change??? It was confirmed by the large media groups of China named People...

  12.11.2018 33

Everything you need to know about StableCoins

  07.11.2018 63