Blockchain is the technology that makes cryptocurrency possible. Created by the person or group of people under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, blockchain technology allows information to be stored, logged and distributed but not copied.

Everything you need to know about StableCoins

  07.11.2018 48

Can Cryptocurrency Replace Fiat Money?

Is Fiat Really threatened?? In some words, Fiat currency or fiat money is known to be that money which a...

  02.11.2018 49

AI – Huge Step on the Search for the Cancer Cure

Malignancy is a perplexing and wild brute that transforms and changes the never-ending debates that are bound to get you...

  01.11.2018 54

Malta PM Said: Crypto Is Inevitable Future of Money

What PM Muscat Reviewed on Crypto? According to Joseph who was PM of Malta, all the cryptocurrencies are inevitable future...

  27.10.2018 34

Amon Entered into a new Partnership with IndaCoin

As we already studied about the partnership that Amon made with other important fields of cryptocurrencies, here we are thrilled...

  26.10.2018 79

Why Crypto Communities are so important?

Crypto-World Today!!! From now new technologies are introduced which converts all the systems that were used in the work of...

  25.10.2018 34

Why Canada is One of the Leading Crypto Nation

CANADA, medium for Blockchain and Crypto Nation: Canada is known to be the most important emerging nation that leads the...

  24.10.2018 34

Spanish Banks step in the Blockchain Adoption Race

Consent of European Union on adoption case: Official press of Europe announced this news on 17th of September. Community of...

  22.10.2018 34

Yale University deepen into Cryptocurrency Market

Investments by Yale University in Cryptocurrency: Yale is considered to be the one of the best universities in United States....

  20.10.2018 34

China Banned Crypto Events in Guangzhou

Why Guangzhou is banning cryptocurrency? Guangzhou is considered to be the nearby city to Hong Kong and in there all...

  18.10.2018 29