Bitcoin is a new currency (cryptocurrency and considered widely to be electronic cash) created in 2009 by an unknown person under the alias of Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin performs transactions person to person without the involvement of middlemen (banks) and logs every transaction over the technology it operates on, blockchain.

Indian Supreme Court Decided to Ban Private Crypto

Worth of cryptocurrency in India: Ministry of Finance in India is going to make a ban on the imposing of...

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A cryptocurrency millionaire wants to build a Utopia in Nevada

Jeffrey dreamed about his land; As per history of various reports, a millionaire man spends his money on plot that...

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Key benefits of Crypto-investing for retirement

Cryptocurrency Today Cryptocurrency is not something that would regularly appeal to the masses or people who just want to have...

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Unique Ways Blockchain is Being Used

Blockchain is an industry that a lot of us might not understand. If you have heard of it, your immediate...

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Cryptocurrencies Regulation in Asia

Asia and Cryptocurrencies Asia has been one of the most prominently displayed players in the world of cryptocurrencies today and...

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Comments of Jamie Dimon on Bitcoin Exchange

What JP Morgan published on his Comments JP Morgan and its cooperation is considered to be the largest economical and...

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New Protocol Empower Transfers between BTC and ETH Blockchains

What is New Protocol? Now a days, new kind of technology is going to introduce which allows the new users...

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Self-Regulation of Cryptocurrency in Japan

Virtual Currency Exchange As per from the reports it was confirmed that Japanese Financial Services Agency is going to grant...

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Blockchain Hits Hollywood

Concept of Johnny Depp Film: A platform named TaTaTu is going to make partnership with U.S actor and producer of...

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Everything you need to know about StableCoins

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