Amon is a crypto storage wallet, exchange, Ai support and debit card all in one! While most services offer you one of the three, Amon is looking to accommodate the everyday spender and help bring forth mass adoption.

Amon have been invited to join NatWest Accelerator

The spring at Amon started with great news from the 4th largest commercial bank and retail in the United Kingdom!...

  15.04.2019 6

MKB Bank invests in Amon via its Accelerator

At the beginning of January the Amon team participated in a selection programme for one of the most important accelerators...

  05.02.2019 24

Amoners, We need your help!

As the team here at Amon is doing our best every day to push us all into the future, your...

  16.11.2018 47

Amon Project Update

Good day Amon family! While it may seem that we have been quiet as of late, rest assured that we...

  09.11.2018 48

Everything you need to know about StableCoins

  07.11.2018 75

Can Cryptocurrency Replace Fiat Money?

Is Fiat Really threatened?? In some words, Fiat currency or fiat money is known to be that money which a...

  02.11.2018 76

AI – Huge Step on the Search for the Cancer Cure

Malignancy is a perplexing and wild brute that transforms and changes the never-ending debates that are bound to get you...

  01.11.2018 81

Cryptocurrencies Regulations in USA

Introduction of Cryptocurrency in US: Cryptocurrency is going to make their amazing standard in past few years. They also gain...

  30.10.2018 62

How Binance became World’s Largest Crypto-Exchange

The field of cryptocurrency exchange plays a vital role in assessing whole ecosystem. These digital assets seem to be the...

  29.10.2018 61

Malta PM Said: Crypto Is Inevitable Future of Money

What PM Muscat Reviewed on Crypto? According to Joseph who was PM of Malta, all the cryptocurrencies are inevitable future...

  27.10.2018 61