Six reasons to invest in Amon 

It feels good to invite you to join Amon’s ongoing fundraising on BnktotheFuture as we raise funds for our expansion drive including user acquisition, key hiring, marketing campaigns and IT security improvement among others. Here are some of the reasons why we think it’d be worth it:

1. Being a worldwide wallet-linked debit card approved by UnionPay

Amon is the second company to release a UnionPay-backed card that is connected to a crypto wallet in the EU market. Card programs related to crypto wallets are rarely approved and take longer to implement due to compliance complexity. Choosing  to release the Amon debit card with UnionPay will make it easier for us to expand globally. 

2. Get a 5% cash-back card:


* Benefit is active for 12 months after card issuance.

3. Our unique Investment Assistant that helps users spend and invest in cryptocurrencies

The Investment Assistant is integrated into  the Amon Wallet. It offers statistical, historical and portfolio risk analyses that make it easier for customers to understand and interact easily with cryptocurrencies.

4. Having reached key milestones in a rapidly growing market

Amon has built strong partnerships including with three parties regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority: Moorwand (issuer), Tribe (processor), and NiteCrest (card manufacturer). We also obtained necessary approvals and licences to expand globally in the crypto market which has seen an exponential growth in the past four years – from five million users in 2016 to 55 million users by 2020 at a CAGR of 80%.

We surmounted the  high entry barriers posed by the lengthy process of licensing, compliance and partnerships over many months to emerge a trustworthy party and now confident that while other players strive to enter the market, Amon is well-positioned to serve millions of new users entering the crypto space who will find the Amon Wallet to be a great platform to use both for fiat and cryptocurrencies.


5. Validated and sustainable business model

Amon has different sources of income which allows us to balance our service offering from one product to another. The income flow enables Amon to  offer competitive fees or free services in one or more products and still generate revenue from others. This incredible edge allows us to incentivise and  attract users while being profitable on other products that users interact with  after their onboarding. 


We make money from:

  • Card scheme (Unionpay) interchange and ATM fees
  • Exchange: We generate a mark-up profit  every time clients convert one currency to another (either crypto or fiat). Our  direct relationship with liquidity providers gives us the best rates in the market and we are among the most competitive.
  • Membership fees: We will introduce a membership fee  to generate additional revenue after  the Amon debit card launch.
  • Passive interest from our earn product: Every Amon client can deposit their crypto assets in the Amon Earn Product and receive passive interests of up to 12% per annum (p.a.). On top of the interest generated for our users, we also generate a percentage of the revenue. 
  • Withdrawal fees: We generate income from the withdrawal fees on cryptocurrencies – a small fee split with the blockchain fee 

6. Institutional investors on board

Amon is backed by institutional investors who believe in our team’s ability to deliver on the project’s vision: 

  • MKB Bank,  the fourth largest bank in Hungary, invested in Amon in early 2019
  • Digital Magics VC, listed on the Italian Stock Exchange, invested in Amon in early 2020 and is making a follow-up investment in the ongoing  fundraising on BnkToTheFuture


If you haven’t seen it already, you can find our Investor Deck here: