Q&A with Amon´s CEO — Daniele Izzo

We would like to say thank you to our community for the great participation.

As we have received a large volume of questions and they are still coming, we will divided it into 3 articles.

In today’s article we published 10 Q&A that our CEO, Daniele Izzo has answered for you all.

1. When will Amon be listed in new exchanges?

Answer: We are always in touch with new exchanges, of course is a matter of getting Amon known in the industry. The more we get known the more exchanges will be attracted to have our token. We got listed on 4 exchanges right after the ICO, we plan more exchanges step by step in order to increase trading volume.

2. Has the winners received their winnings? Have you seen any change in price related to this distribution?

Answer: Yes, as promised we have given the winners their AMN tokens few weeks ago and we have not seen any dumping related to this distribution. People that contributed in our ICO believe in our project, we have a great community and there is no point to attempt to dumb the price or down-sell the AMN token. The project has a great potential and so the AMN token.

3. Have your Card application being processed yet? And when is the roll out for the card?

Answer: We are not yet being processed, we have been under compliance check and we are working on processes, transaction flow, float, and all the related operations to the Card issuance. We have seen companies in the past taking shortcuts and they ended up not having anymore cards therefore we need to be compliant and have a solid base before the roll out. As we explained in your Monthly Update we have not a precise date yet. We will be able to provide a date once our application will be process and approved until that it will be incorrect to provide exact dates.

4. What new hurdles have arisen in the last month that you weren’t aware of previously?

Answer: During the ICO phase we have been very much focused on the outcome of the ICO and communication of our project. Today our main focus is to improve our wallet adding new cryptocurrencies and Fiat currencies and work on the card programme application. The main hurdles are the technological barriers and setting up a team of talents with specific knowledge in different areas. We are dealing with all these barriers day by day with the awareness to have a great community that is supporting us which gives us a great motivation to overcome them.

5. What’s your take on the current valuation of the token?

Answer: Token value is give by the market but also by other factors. We are influenced from both general crypto fluctuation but also from each single buyer and seller of our token. Is important that the volume of trading keeps increasing to provide liquidity, for doing that we will continue to get listed on new exchanges and promote our AMN token and product to reach people that still do not know about us.

6. When will you be ramping up marketing?

Answer: At the moment we are very much focused in developing our product and improve our technology. We are doing a different type of marketing compared to the marketing that we made during our ICO. Is a marketing made of brand awareness and get the people know about us. For example, it is more likely to find Amon in a conference rather than on Google or FB ads. We will start also to ramp up more marketing when we will know the exact dates of our product launch.

7. What partnerships have you been working on?

Answer: In the past months we have focused our attention in partnership related to AI system. We believe that the AI in an important part of our value proposition and at the same time requires technology and development to bring it to life. We have few new partnerships in the pipeline and we will announce them in June.

8. When will you be updating your roadmap?

Answer: We are working on the new dates and new milestones that we want to reach. At the same time we would like to give exact dates and be as precise as possible with our community therefore we will update the roadmap as soon as we can be precise.

9. Any update on the IOS app? release date?

Answer: The release of the iOS app requires a deeper level of compliance check. We are waiting for the response from the Estonian Financial Authority for the license that will help us to get the APP approved and also allow us to use Fiat currencies in our wallet.

10. Do Amon have plans to attend conferences and events like Money2020 to promote and provide exposure of the company and product in the near term?

Answer: Definitely we are planning to attend conferences. We have a conference planned for July with one of our Partner and we will announce it shortly.

That’s all for now! We will post the remaining questions soon.

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