Q&A with Amon´s CEO — Daniele Izzo (Part #2)

Hello everyone!

As promised, here is the second part of the 3-part series of Question and Answer session with our CEO, Daniele Izzo. For those who haven’t read the first one yet, kindly click this link.

Again, we would like to thank everyone who participated and sent their questions. The part 3 or the final session will be posted soon so stay tuned!

So, without further ado, here are the 10 questions that were sent to us:

  1. How are you going to bypass the restrictions on using the card outside the SEPA zone.
  • The restriction of SEPA zone is given by the card issuer license and authorization of the Scheme program. Saying that, is true that for compliance reasons SEPA zone can be easier to approach. However, once the card program is approved and SEPA cards are rolled out will be easier to approach other markets. Card issuers know that this is a global business, SEPA is only the gateway for a global distribution.

2. How would you react to competitors that are already shipping the card?

  • Currently in the market there is only one provider that started to distribute cards. We are not worried about competitors in the industry. We are on the wave of a big change not only attracting crypto clients but also customers that have “regular” bank accounts and who want to consider a flexible account like Amon. Competitors that obtain achievements are opening the doors of the change and does not necessarily mean that they will get all the market share. I personally love to use other companies wallets and see what others are doing, I can capture what they do wrong and where we can improve. I get inspired to do better.

3. Any update on the IOS app? release date?

  • We will be releasing the APP once we will obtain the license to exchange crypto and Fiat. We are waiting and working on all the compliance checks to be passed before we can make a public release.

4. I would be keen to find out more about the marketing strategy for Amon and how you plan on increasing customer numbers.

  • Reaching communities is our priority in marketing. We are planning to focus on attending conferences, be present in blogs discussions and media exposure. Don’t be surprised if you won’t see Amon in display ads or google ads, is not our focus in this moment. We are building brand awareness.

5. How will you reassure the actual community? New contributors?

  • Contributors know that investing in an ICO is a long shot. Start ups need time to develop and even more in the crypto industry because there are many hurdles. If you invest in an ICO and sell after one month there might be chances that you lose your investment. Amon is planning to stay for the next decades, we need to look at the day-to-day activities but never forget our long term vision. In a recent post John McAfee said that ICO projects needs to be seen as 18 months projects investments. I don´t believe that our contributors need to wait that long but we need the right time to put in place all the milestones that we planned.

6. What are the news / goals for Mid-June — July?

We are working intensely on:

  • Authorization for crypto-fiat conversions
  • Possibility to have Fiat currency in our wallet and add new cryptos
  • Transactions flows for the card process

As you know in crypto i’ts not a good idea to share info or partners before you actually have the product. We presented all the documentation in most of the applications that we are running, we are awaiting for positive responses.

7. There is something that I do not understand with ICO working on this sector. Why all partnerships are secret?

  • Is true, many companies are frightened by the consequences of being associated with crypto companies. There is a thin line between what you can say and what you cannot and we need to be very careful on this point. Most of the companies do not want to get exposed because they want to protect the business that they already have, they have licenses, customers and reputation to loose, this is why we respect their decisions and we keep the secret until we will release our products.

8. New crypto for the wallet coming?

  • We are working on LiteCoin but also on Fiat currencies.

9. Would I be able to pay online with the Amon card?

  • Yes, the Amon card will be a normal card where you can pay physically, online and withdraw at ATMs

10. Is there a way for those who didn’t participated on the sale to get gold card or any cards from Amon?

  • We are working on a restyle of the website and we will implement a form to access to the waiting list. Our priority is ICO contributors but we are soon implementing a waiting list for non-ICO members.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for the part 3 of the AMA session with our CEO!

Have a great day everyone!

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