Q and A with AMON’s CEO, Daniele Izzo!

We’ve gathered all the questions from our community and our CEO answered it for everyone! Questions ranges from basic to mostly complicated questions that our community currently have will be answered here. To read and know all of it, continue on reading below!

After your Public Sale, when you will be listed on an exchange?

We plan to be listed between 2–4 weeks after the end of the ICO.

Which exchanges are an option for AMON?

We cannot mention any names but rest assured we are applying for Top rated exchanges but also those exchanges that are smaller and have better fees for our users. We are already listed on Idex market and we would expect to be listed in at least 4 exchanges, 1 in the top 5 of Coinmarketcap and the others are small-medium exchanges.

When will the wallet and cards be LIVE?

The wallet is basically ready with ETH and BTC. As you might see on our landing page in the section Alpha wallet, we already have a MVP that is actually working. Indeed, all Amon users will receive their AMN tokens directly in their Amon Wallets. As for the cards, we are under compliance procedures with our provider. Both Wallet and Cards should be released by the end of Q2 2018.

How will people who didn’t participate in the ICO, get their cards?

It will take more time for them simply because during the roll out we will only focus on the cards of our +4,000 ICO investors. Only after all our investors have received their cards, will we start accepting new applications. Any teething issues will be ironed out before expanding cards distribution exponentially.

Is it possible to add new coins to AMON wallet? What are the coins that will go to AMON?

Here, we have to make a distinction between the coins that will be “spendable” and coins that users can only “hold” in the Amon Wallet. One of our value proposition is to provide a wallet where users can not only spend their coins but also hold them. If you want to invest in an another ICO, you will be able to do it directly with the Amon wallet because we will be accepting all the Ethereum blockchain tokens, therefore you can hold them in the Amon Wallet and this will be possible in Q3 2018.

Concerning the tokens that will be “spendable” we will start with BTC, ETH and LTC. After this we will add new coins based on our users requests, we will have a poll so that our community can decide the next coins.

Do you have any institutional Investors?

Yes, We have different investor, pools and communities that backed us before and during the ICO.

Now that you reached the softcap, what are your new targets?

We are looking at reaching the hard cap but we would be happy also if we reach $15 Million.

What will be your fees for Card usage and exchange?

We have not set all the fees yet. Most of the fees will depend by the type of card Silver, Gold and Platinum and by the number of tokens held by the user. We will release more info after the ICO.

What are the strengths of AMON compared to its competitors?

Our biggest strength is the AI system. Supporting users in deciding which crypto to spend at the time of the purchase is something unique that we have. It ensures users get the maximum value out of their crypto everytime they make an everyday purchase. We are working with different companies developing the AI system from different angles and it will become even more powerful with time. We started with our first partner CognitionBox, other partners like Daneel and Savedroid have also joined for our development of the the AI system.

Do you have any plans on releasing cards other than your Gold Card?

Yes we will release the Silver Amon Card which will be the basic card, the Gold Amon Card which is our intermediate card and the Platinum Amon Card which is for our Top clients.

Will your unsold tokens will be burnt or do you have other plans for it like giving it away for the participants?

Unsold tokens will be burnt.

That’s all folks! If you still have questions that needed to be answer, comment down below or send it to our Telegram Channel

Have a good day everyone!

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