Prepaid Cards to Buy Cryptocurrency

Generally, Prepaid cards are a fair and helpful way of paying for goods and those services with money which you actually own. Now, most of the big platforms make it possible to use your prepaid cards for purchasing cryptocurrencies in any crypto pricing at any time.

The fee related to these prepaid cards are much higher among other bank transfers but due to its long-lasting benefits, people turn towards using prepaid cards with more admiration. In this article, we will discuss prepaid crypto cards in detail as well as the concept behind its success. So, let’s get started.

Concept of Prepaid Crypto Card

Simply, you can describe the Prepaid card as:

“Your everyday cards, which you can use in your daily life to purchase anything or pay as you go through the mobile phone. You will have to load them with cash when going to start and top them up also when going to run out”.

  • Unlike, a credit card you won’t have to run debts on them, that’s proven its best purpose.
  • The prepaid card allows you to buy any goods or services with that money or cryptos price you actually own.
  • The prepaid card makes it easy to act as a budgeting tool which means you don’t have to rush towards the credit checking process while buying anything.
  • The best advantage which any prepaid cardholder can get is if someone falls into a scam, then he can lose a limited amount of money on this card rather than losing all of his savings in cryptos prices.
  • Another thing which should have to consider is if any prepaid card has MasterCard or Visa logo on it then it can be used anywhere that accepts these card scheme networks.

Why using the Prepaid Card to buy Crypto?

Specifically, a bank transfer is known to be the fastest way to buy any cryptocurrencies because fees are much cheaper as compared to owing prepaid cards. But, using a prepaid card allows you to buy cryptocurrencies instantly which other bank transfer takes three to five days for crypto to reach your account.

If you buy cryptocurrencies with credit or debit card then it might be a risky task to do as most of the scammers are in trying to hack your account and money for the crypto price today. Buying cryptos with prepaid card will remove the risk of spending more money than you have and also being able to pay it back.

Buy Crypto with Prepaid Card, HOW?

Many well-known cryptocurrency exchanges allow you to buy crypto or crypto coins price with prepaid cards anytime. The process of buying cryptos with prepaid cards are pretty much similar as buying crypto with credit or debit card, but you’ll have to make sure it that you’ve loaded your prepaid card with funds.

After selecting an exchange system to buy crypto or crypto stock price, the first step is to download and install a wallet that could support your respective cryptocurrencies.

After this, you’ll have to create an account and get registered by providing legal documents there. Finally, when you got registered, selected your preferred payment method that should be prepaid card. When you add will be added, then you can buy crypto or coins of your choice on your own prepaid crypto card.

Best Prepaid Crypto Cards

Now, after getting all the information about prepaid cards, we are going to describe here some best Prepaid Crypto cards that would help you to find the best choice of your need. So, the most important and well-reputed prepaid crypto cards are;

  • Cryptopay Prepaid Card.
  • SpectroCoin Prepaid Card.
  • Wirex Prepaid Card.

1) Cryptopay Prepaid Card

Cryptopay Prepaid card or prepaid card enables any user to acquire Bitcoin through their bank cards and storing these BTC on their supplied mobile wallet. This prepaid card can instantly top up with your crypto pay wallet or describing all crypto prices. It can be used anywhere whenever it needs. Cryptopay also governs the card which directly links towards its users, other Bitcoin wallets to allow them spending their funds wherever credit cards are accepted.

This prepaid card aims most of the customers in Europe and customers out there can easily order EUR, USD/GBP and RUB virtual and physical cards. Using Cryptopay prepaid card, users can convert the funds held in their Bitcoin wallet to any supported fiat currency and then simply can load funds on the Prepaid card.

Cryptopay is a good option for everyone based in Europe. Also, their unverified card option may substantiate handy for some while verified accounts can send infinite amounts online through crypto price real time and also have no maximum load value.

However, fees with this prepaid card are slightly higher than other options but also their service isn’t available in the USA or Asia.

2) SpectroCoin Prepaid Card

It is another well-known cryptocurrency exchange as well as payment processing, a provider that helps its users to buy or purchase a wide range of cryptocurrencies, store and transfer them on the project’s mobile wallet. This prepaid card basically based in Lithuania, where these prepaid cards are denominated in EUR or USD. Using SpectoCoin prepaid card allows you to exchange BTC and other main digital assets such as ETH, NEM, DASH and USDT in order to spend through the card.

The security level of this SpectroCoin Prepaid card is high among expectations and all users must have to pass KYC verification because it has options related to standard and VIP card options. VIP cardholders must provide a passport or ID card and utility bill too.

SpectroCoin prepaid card is the best option for people stays in Europe. But currently, this prepaid card isn’t giving any promotions or incentives to entice potential customers with cryptocurrency price predictions. As compared to other cards, this prepaid card proves to be simple and quick for purchasing anything at any time and anywhere.

3) Wirex Prepaid Card

While based in London, Wirex gives its users a comprehensive crypto-oriented range of personal and business solutions and also this prepaid card offers in Kiev, Ukraine, Tokyo and Japan. This project proved to be the most established ones in the market these days. Also, this project has a transaction value of about $2.0 billion and close to 2 million users.

Wirex gives you a contactless Visa card that allows you to connect through credit or debit cards. It can store most of the cryptocurrencies and purchase plus select Bitcoins and altcoins with highly competitive exchange rates and high limits.

With the help of this prepared crypto card, you can simply exchange between cryptos and fiat. It will also make a low fee for direct money transfers.

Wirex prepaid card supported cryptocurrencies are BTC, LTC, ETH, XRP, XLM, DAI, NANO and WAVES while GBP, EUR and USD are another supported fiat currencies.

In order to use service about Wirex prepaid card, you’ll have to create an account on Wirex, find it and then add these funds like neo price crypto to your Wirex Visa card. For transferring funds, you can use different ways like performing a bank transfer, using a credit or debit card, or by depositing any cryptocurrency.

Wirex would be a good option for anyone who wants to spend their funds at any outlets which could accept VISA card and other range of cryptocurrencies available on executive exchange rates.


In the end, we can say that using a prepaid card isn’t that cheapest way of buying cryptocurrency, but its an appealing and prominent option for those seeking a fast, simple and convenient method of making different purchases. This could be done without spending more money than you own.

That’s all for it if you want more updates on trending news about cryptocurrencies then stay connected with us.

Thank you & Good Luck!