New Partnership with Coinflyer X

We are excited to announce our partnership with Coinflyer X!

CoinFlyer X is the newest Trading Protocol for the Crypto Community. In reality as we know it where conventional resources are winding up progressively tokenized, a stage to encourage their reasonable trade is basic.

Coinflyer X It is a new platform where you can trade EOS, NEO, Ethereum, Stellar Lumens, Waves and Amon Tokens and also trade tokens built on EOS, NEO, ETH, XLM and WAVES.

Another good point are the low trading fees of 0.2% on every trade!

Coinflyer X is not just a trading protocol, they also offer ICO´s services such as Host ICO and Participate in ICO directly from the platform.

Anthony, one of the Coinflyer X founders shared his vision with us:

“We are excited to work with AMON on providing wallet and trading support for their infrastructure. Coinflyer are experts in securing different kinds of cryptocurrency and we give our partners multiple ways to interface with them, such as storing and withdrawal, as well as providing liquidity around the various trading pairs we offer. Coinflyer X is a pure crypto exchange that does not integrate fiat, so we are excited to work with AMON as they are making excellent progress in terms of being a fiat ramp in Europe.

Coinflyer is the only exchange that is putting the focus on supporting popular protocols such as Ethereum, EOS and more and the tokens built on them. As new protocols come out, Coinflyer will be there early in providing support for the trading of tokens build on these platforms. AMON users will have access to new protocols and tokens as we add them onto the platform.”

Download on IOS or Android our EOS Wallet – the safest and most popular portfolio for investing and storing digital resources. Amon allows you to manage all your assets in one place.

Amon and CoinFlyer X Partnership

Amon and Coinflyer X are working together on the implementation of new cryptocurrencies. Amon will be integrating with Coinflyer’s wallets to enable the secure storage, deposit, transfer and withdrawal of EOS, NEO, WAVES, Stellar, Amon as well as select tokens built on these platforms, this means that users will enjoy 5 cryptocurrencies in one shot!

As Coinflyer adds new protocols and tokens over time, Amon users will benefit from these improvements on their platform and have access to these as well.

Coinflyer X is going live this October! Be one of the first 1000 people to sign up and be locked in for 50% trading discount for the first year.

We will keep you updated on further progress!

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