Monthly Update – August

Hello Amoner´s! Our monthly update is out now!

Amon Visiting Blockchain World Summit London 2018

The Amon Team will be joining Blockchain World Summit in London the next 12th and 13th September. This event will bring us multiples opportunities to exhibit our venture and the chance to meet other crypto companies.

The event will take place at Grange, St Paul´s where 70 speakers will discuss about growth and awareness of Blockchain technology across the globe. In this event we will meet and greet with Leading Blockchain Developers, Blockchain Start-Ups, Exchanges and many more!

Amon Meet Daneel Team and Planning Potential Partnerships

As you all might know, Pacien, Amon´s Backend Lead Developer, met Joseph Bedminster, Daneel´s CEO and Nicolas Surleau, Daneel´s CTO / Machine learning developer, at their office in Montpellier.

We are cooperating to find how Artificial Intelligence can be valuable to the crypto-world. Daneel team made awesome progress on their research and shared it with us during the last catch up.

Actually, in the event mentioned before they will present the beta version of Daneel to the visitors, where they will be able to test the application in real time via a terminal.

We are also speaking with other potential partners and will keep you posted over the next month.

Amon Card Pre-Order Option is Live

We have unlocked the waiting list to order your Amon card. Now, it is open for those who did not participated in the ICO.

Follow three simple steps and soon you will be available to enjoy the Amon Card Advantages. Visit our website, download the Amon Wallet for Android or iOS, get verified, pre-order your card and you will automatically join the queue.

You will able to shop in stores, online or withdraw from ATMs with your Amon Card. Exchange your crypto easily and spend it all over the world!

PLEASE NOTE: If you participated in the ICO and have the right to receive Amon Card Free, login into your Amon Wallet for Android or iOs and just enter your country and card currency. You are already in the queue with a priority in the list!

New Version Amon Desktop Wallet

Amon development team is working hard on the new version of the desktop wallet, it will be out for the users by middle September. New friendly design, easier navigation, pre-order card and and all the features that you have in the iOS and Android APP will also be available on your PC!

We are also preparing a round of Q&A with our CTO, Cristian Izzo. Feel free to drop your question to We will choose 10 of your questions and publish it in Amon Blog.

Luca and Daniele Interview with CryptoRookies

We have a special relationship with Dan and James from CryptoRookies. They have been following our project since day 1 and we are happy to have catch ups with them.

Both Daniele and Luca answered few questions from James, you can watch Luca´s interview here. Daniele´s interview will be out by next week, join their Youtube channel to don´t miss it!

Card Updates

In the month of August we worked closely with our card issuer and finalized the application for the Card Scheme by completing different documents required. We have received approval to submit the final documentation and we are expecting a feedback in the coming weeks.

Generally, after the first feedback the card programme will be adapted to further requirements indicated by the card issuer before having the possibility to have testing cards. Different topics are on the table like pre-authorization, cancelled orders and other process that differentiate a crypto related card from a traditional card. We kept the application as lean and simple as possible to get a faster answer.

Along with the application we are also working on improving the KYC process that will be outsourced to our card issuer.

Furthermore, we hired a new developer that is dedicated on the exchange side to connect the Amon wallet to different exchanges to facilitate the crypto-crypto and crypto-fiat exchange. This new feature will needed for both card implementation and to integrate the crypto exchange within the Amon Wallet.

We will keep posted in our updates on the progress of both the Wallet and Card features.

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