Meet Luca, Our Newest Team Member!

We are happy and excited to announce the newest team member, Luca Airoldi!

Luca has more than 15 years of experience in the payment systems world, including credit cards product and proposition development and management, process and systems design, loans and mortgages, project management, data analysis and marketing.

In the last 3 years Luca was involved in a series of projects that varies from strategy, planning, sales and marketing both in financial services, including VISA where he was in a leading position as VP, and fashion; his extensive background will be helpful for Amon.

Luca will join Amon to support the team in the relationship with card providers, he will also helps with process creation, product and proposition development, profitability models and all the operations involved in issuing cards.

We made a short interview to Luca to understand his point of view on Amon, the crypto world and the potential of payment services:

  1. From a high end and well known company like Visa, what encouraged you to support a new and starting company like AMON?

During the last 15 years I’ve met a lot of new and small companies and, not only I’ve worked for a start up in the past, but in the last 4 years I have created an entrepreneurial opportunity for myself. I think it’s part of my DNA to live such an experience and when I met Amon I thought it could be a great opportunity to support the project and enter the crypto world.

Big companies are a great place to grow and to develop skills and a methodology and, I think, this experience can be easily applied to growing realities like Amon.

I think people at Amon are open to discussion and brave enough to create something new and different.

2. There are many discussions around ICO´ benefits and drawbacks, what is your opinion? How can ICO help the ecosystem and innovation in the blockchain and crypto industry?

Yes, there is a lot of talking around ICOs at the moment, especially because they have raised billions of $ and also because of the risks related to them.

The first benefit, especially for private investors, sits in the potential high returns, regardless the high risks.

With ICOs you can also be part of something you like and support ideas and projects that could really be something new.

On top of that, being part of ICOs, allows access to benefits that regular customers or second comers will not be allowed to access.

On the cons side, the fact that there too many ICO´s does not help and sometimes can also jeopardise this opportunity.

Also, a lot of people will only invest the amount of money they are willing to lose, given the risk related to the volatility of the value.

This is very much linked to the companies that are proposing ICOs and how strong their teams are. This is where, I think, ICOs can help the ecosystem, in that they request a good knowledge of the market and a structured approach. Potentially, they could help attracting people with high potential to benefit the industry and transmit a reassuring message to investors and the public opinion.

3. What are the major challenges that the crypto world is facing?

The crypto world is still very complicated, regardless the interest raised in the past years, and this creates a barrier to investing and using cryptocurrencies in the everyday life.

The fact that this new world is still very much centralised and linked to the banking environment does not help the development, especially when the idea of disintermediation is key to this arena.

Last but not least, the difficulty in exchanging cryptocurrencies back to FIAT does not create the requested flexibility that a new world should have.

4. How do you see the Amon future in the next 3 years?

I think that Amon, amongst others, has a strong potential and is getting ready to be one of the top players of the crypto world. Not only they have a deep knowledge of the market, but they are always open to assess and develop new ideas. A lot of work has already been done in the past year and this has set the scene for the products to come.

Coming years will be key to understand how the crypto world will look like and I think Amon could be one of the players that will input ideas and energy.

They have a clear roadmap in mind and their focus is now on getting the system in place and ready for new customers.

The launch of the debit card is a key point of their strategy as it is the AI they are working on.

5. What is lacking in the Crypto Debit Cards niche?

I think that the crypto world is not a niche anymore. There is a lot of interest on what it is and how it works but, at the same time, it is not so closed to everyday life.

Debit cards and cards in general are a natural bridge that could relate this world with how we live and make purchases every day.

What is lacking nowadays is a good bunch of products and interesting card propositions that can attract customers and bring the crypto world into our lives. This could be a real turning point and have huge effects on the crypto world.

6. What do you think Amon has more than others and what are the competitive advantages that can make it a successful product?

I think that Amon has a strong team and they have a structured approach. They are also planning to bring on board new skills and experience to help them with the development of their ideas.

This is the key: the idea of introducing AI to benefit cryptocurrencies holder is at the heart of the project.

7. How can artificial intelligence benefit Cryptocurrency holders?

AI is everywhere, even when we do not see it: it’s part of most of the production processes and is used to anticipate and manage customers’ expectations.

The Amon AI has been thought to help holders make the most out of their money and create a satisfaction that could mitigate the risk and open up to bigger investments.

A lot of times we hear companies saying they are acting for their customers’ best interest, but then we discover is just a matter of profit. In this case, Amon really offers a tool that benefits their customers and facilitates the relationship with the everyday life we discussed earlier on.

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