Meet Dan Jones and James Bull, AMON’s new set of Advisors!

We are happy to announce that AMON will be supporting The National Autistic Society

AMON will support The National Autistic Society via its new advisors Dan Jones and James Bull.

Dan and James are blockchain and crypto experts with experience in multinational companies and appearances on BBC News (TV/Radio). They are advising the Amon Team in different aspects of the project with strong focus on social responsibility. For us to know more about them, read our one-on-one interview with them below!


What did you see in the Amon Team?

Answer: We love that it is a young and passionate team, still with a wealth of experience, working with F500 Companies, including recent projects, such as Stellar Network. We did have some questions whilst carrying out our due diligence, but these were answered promptly and accompanied by key documents, so we were then able to carry out a full and objective review.

How much promise to you see in the Amon product?

Answer: In short, a lot! We love projects which not only have a clearly defined use case but especially those which bridge the gap between where we’re at now and mass adoption. Coupled with the fact that newcomers will not only be able to spend their Cryptocurrency holdings, but the “smart decisions” will be made for them, using the AI software — This, for us, is a game changer, if Amon can execute! We have often discussed that it would be a bit of a pain to have to figure out which is the best coin to use, immediately before making a purchase and wouldn’t it be cool, if “the card” could make that decision for you — So when we read the Amon Whitepaper, we knew instantly, that it was a project we needed to get behind. In addition, Amon will arrive in a space where we feel there is more than enough room, for Debit Card projects to all grow alongside each other. After all, how many people only hold one Credit/Debit card in their wallet?!

3) What is lacking in the Crypto Debit Cards niche?

Answer: First and foremost, usability! We’ve had a couple of months here and there, where these cards have been used to buy a morning coffee etc, but problems have arisen of late. Amon seems to have addressed and negotiated these issues. Also, in the past, we have seen cards which have limited options for which Crypto can be spent — So to have a multi-wallet, with various coins at the cardholders disposal and to know that the AI will take care of the math in real-time, is something that is absolutely necessary, moving forward.

4) Why should users invest in Crypto Debit Card ICO’s?

Answer: Firstly, every Debit Card ICO has proven to be a great investment, all giving incredible multiples on return, despite some not even having a fully-functional product! That aside, it once again comes down to mass adoption and bridging the gap, from trading on exchanges or holding, to actually being able to spend your Cryptocurrency, in day-to-day life.

5) What do you think are the top 3 challenges, facing the Crypto eco-system today?


A) Regulations — For people who don’t have the inclination to understand the Technology driving this unstoppable force, there is a general attitude of Cryptocurrency being for drug dealers, money laundering and scams (all things that up until now, have been carried out with no issues, by using Fiat!). We have seen scams, ponzi-schemes etc come and go, but these types of projects need to be nipped in the bud. A lot of people in the Blockchain space are anti-regulations, we are most certainly not. Confidence will only reach ATH’s, when investors are better protected. That being said, it is a fine line…

B) Security — We have seen a few attacks on exchanges and, again, this doesn’t help build confidence for existing or potential investors. Remember folks, always keep your coins in a secure wallet, preferably a hard wallet!

C) Education in the space — Again, people have a very one-dimensional and, very often, a knee-jerk view on Blockchain/Cryptocurrency, if they don’t have an understanding of the driving force. The one thing that all our members and friends, who are passionately involved in Blockchain/Crypto, have in common? They’ve researched the tech and they understand that Blockchain is the biggest technological advancement, since the invention of the internet. Most people are still unable to get past memories of the .com bubble, tulip mania etc and just imagine these “fake coins” floating around in the air, with no “real” value. Once people research the technology? Then they’ve taken the “red pill” and they realise, this is just the beginning, it’s not fading away into the distance and the opportunities to affect every human being on the planet, are endless. The sky is the limit!

6) How can artificial intelligence benefit Cryptocurrency holders?

Answer: In a word: Simplicity. Now I’m a math guy, but do I want to have to figure out which coin/fiat conversion will be best for me, when I’m at the grocery store, keeping my eye on my phone, right up until the moment of checkout? And it’s not just inclusive for Debit Cards — We see AI playing a massive role in Cryptocurrency, as we’re evolving at an incredible rate here, and it’s the next logical step.

7) How do we make Blockchain technology more inclusive? Shouldn’t organisations and notable individuals, in the crypto space, be more socially responsible?

Answer: Yes, this is also an issue. Our number one responsibility, is to our members and partners, as there are a lot of YouTubers and influencers in the space, “pumping and dumping” coins/projects (which may or may not have legs) to their own benefit and not actually offering any support to the partners they are “working with”, nor caring too much about the people who end up on the arse-end of a giant red candle. Again, education is key and we all have an inherient responsibility, to help the space progress to it’s full potential.

8) Lastly, we obviously liked the Crypto Rookies model. Please explain to our readers, what you are doing differently?

Answer: Everything! As we just talked about, education and being socially responsible is key. We want to go way beyond that, and we already are. Our project is still in it’s infancy, yet we have already pledged $35,000 USD to our chosen charities of Autism UK, Mount Sinai Childrens Hospital (here in Toronto) and James’ local homeless shelter, Blessed to be Blessed, where he already helps out in his spare time (and he doesn’t get much!). We also just held our first $5,000 live Crypto Lottery on Wednesday. When we spoke just before the draw, we were both like little kids on Christmas Eve. That was another big and special moment for us. We obviously now have our $5,000 AMN lottery scheduled for our members next month, which is huge, and we couldn’t be more grateful to Amon for making this possible.

For us, we know our portfolios will take care of themselves over the years, but we’re looking to help everyday people from all walks of life; single mums/dads, grandmothers, teenagers etc achieve their dreams. We have big plans for the future, as we continue to seek out philanthropic projects such as yours, with real-world use cases, and we couldn’t be more excited. It has been an immense first couple of months for us, our members and our partners but, believe me, we have no intention of taking our foot of the gas!

What we have already, is an incredible community, all willing to help out the next wave of Rookies, as they now have that extra knowledge in order to do so. We have had our members step up to the plate, brought into our admin team, our ICO team and even helping us with our new website, putting in the hard graft to help us achieve our own personal vision.

People often ask if we’re worried that other groups will come and copy our model. On the contrary, if other groups decide that they want to give back to their members and charities? That can only be a good thing. We’re looking to encourage groups in this space to follow suit, that would be a win for us!

This is just the beginning for us, our members and our partners. The relationships we forge, are perpetual!

Thank you to the Amon team for your time and for recognizing and supporting our vision. We couldn’t be more grateful!

That’s all! Again, please welcome our new Advisers Dan and James. They will help us not only advising in our project but also, opening us to social activities that will surely help our friends in need.


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