Meet CognitionBox - Amon’s Algorithmic Trading Partner

Crypto cards are taking the cryptocurrency space by storm. The capacity of converting cryptocurrency savings into goods and services will likely prove to be the game-changer of the crypto economy. Nevertheless, not all crypto debit cards have the same capabilities or advantages. One of their main drawbacks is the lack of a system to ensure that a multi-crypto portfolio can be converted into fiat in a way that maximises the user’s spending power, at any given moment.

The Amon Card is the only crypto card in the world to have made this possible, thanks to the Amon Artificial Intelligence System (AAIS). The AAIS calculates the performance of your cryptocurrency holdings and suggests the most convenient one to convert in real time, every time you make a purchase. While most crypto cards today only allow conversion from Bitcoin to fiat currencies, with the Amon Card you can also use Ethereum and Litecoin — all converted with the AAIS instantaneously and automatically, with minimal fees.

The creation of the AAIS is the result of Amon’s successful collaboration with Cognition Box. Cognition Box is a world-class leader in the field of algorithmic trading, enterprise software and backend development. They are specialised in creating Java applications which are readily distributable, scalable and with very short test times. furthermore researches and develops technologies for machine learning, high-performance computing (including GPU & FPGA) and systems development. Daniele Izzo, Amon’s CEO, personally selected to collaborate with CognitionBox during a Barcelona blockchain conference in 2017, where CognitionBox showcased its know-how and impressive previous projects.

The next stage of Amon’s partnership with CognitionBox’s promises will expand the scope and capabilities of the AAIS. This will include developing algorithms that take into account the cardholder’s spending behavior, historical prices, and making more advanced and precise crypto price forecasts. The end result is a system that delivers the fastest, most precise and most cost-effective solution for the user’s cryptocurrency funds.

In November 2017 we successfully completed a pilot test of the Amon Card, with valuable and positive feedback. We are now in the process of raising the funds to complete the AAIS Alpha Version and the pre-ICO campaign. This is the lead-up to our ICO, scheduled for March 1st. We have created a whitelist at www.Amon.Tech to allow you to participate in our pre-ICO token sale. When you sign up, you earn the exclusive right to invest to participate in it, receiving a complementary Amon Gold card and a 25% Amon Token bonus. The whitelist closes on the 28th of February, so sign up now at www.Amon.Tech and help launch of the world’s most innovative crypto card!

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