Meet Aran Hakki, one of AMON’s Advisors

What do you see in Amon that cements its place as the leading Crypto Card?

Amon has the only card which can store multiple currencies and automatically convert them to fiat at the point of sale in an intelligent way. This alone is enough to capture the market.

Download on IOS or Android our Ethereum Wallet – the safest and most popular portfolio for investing and storing digital resources. Amon allows you to manage all your assets in one place.

What are the pros and cons of Speculation in Crypto Marketplace (Pros: price discovery, word-of mouth — Cons: un-sustainability/inhibits new entrants)

Speculation is an important part of any market, and even more so for newer markets such as crypto, as is how the market accesses and prices the risk of a given instrument. Crypto currency technology is new and exciting as it can dramatically improve business and helps to distribute wealth in a more democratic and meritocratic way. Such an economic shake up requires a mass of speculators to inspect and access the risk, in order to come to a consensus on this new technology as quick as possible, so that we can direct value to the most appropriate technologies and increase adoption. The down side is of course the volatility that comes with speculation.

How can AI help mitigate Crypto volatility

Well to start with AIs are usually programmed to be consistent. Although their decisions are made in an intelligent and less obvious way, the decision process can be guided in a predictable manor.

AIs are not programmed to have an emotional state which can hinder its decision process, unlike their human counterparts. AIs are usually focused at particular tasks, and thus can consume and interpret high resolution data, at greater rates. This means they can be programmed to spot patterns that most speculators cannot, and hence can speculate more intelligently.

As a though experiment let’s consider we had a mass of advanced AI speculators and these agents had a uniform distribution of wealth, they have no interest in colluding to move the price, and they are not interested in profiting from short term price swings, then the volatility would be dramatically reduced, as each AI agent would only ever act on what it believed would be the most likely outcome in the future. The result is quicker market consensus and less volatility to get there.

Where do you see Amon going in the near future

I see Amon being able to predict crypto currencies prices with state of the art performance. In addition this same technology can be used to predict user spending behaviour, and when combined with price predictions Amon can make the most informed decision when selecting which currencies to convert from at point of sale.

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