Meet Amon’s IT Development Team

Amon’s cutting-edge product is the result of the work of an IT Development Team that combines deep technological know-how of the blockchain, extensive professional experience and a strong commitment to make Amon a global success.

Cristian, Jules and Pacien met via the Stellar Network, where they worked together developing platforms such as,

Their work is backed by Ixonn — Amon IT security company — that is focusing on developing IT Frameworks and code security check to make the Amon applications stable and secure.

Amon Card is integrated to a multi-cryptocurrency wallet that will be released in the Demo version during the weeks before the Amon Private ICO. It will be integrated Bitcoin and following cryptocurrencies to come will be Ethereum and Litecoin. To establish new cryptocurrencies to integrate in the wallet, Amon will ask their community what are the next cryptocurrencies they would like to see integrated in the wallet.

Amon IT team is also working closely to Amon’s partner CognitionBox on the Amon Artificial Intelligence System (AAIS). The AIIS will ensure the conversion of cryptos to fiat in the most effective manner, providing users with the best value for their money.

Cristian Izzo — CTO

Cristian is Amon’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO). He has led technology departments for MNCs and digital startups. He is a Full-Stack Developer (Javascript, Nodejs Angular etc.) and is an expert in crypto currencies and the blockchain.

Pacien Boisson — Lead Backend Engineer

Pacien is a Full-Stack Developer, with an expertise in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. He has previously worked as a Full-Stack engineer in various large technology companies in France. Among his other work, Pacien has worked in open-source blockchain projects such as the Stellar Network, where he has won 2 Build Challenges. He holds a degree in Software Engineering from Bordeaux’s Engineering school (ENSEIRB-MATMECA), where he specialised in Cognitive Sciences, Robotics and Machine Learning.

Jules Goullee — Software Architect & Backend Developer

Jules has significant experience as a Software Architect, developing security systems for various multinationals and tech startups, including TF1, Quinten and Eleven Labs. He has profound knowledge of multiple Blockchain Protocols, Database Engineering and Machine Learning.

Amon is nearing its March 1st 2018 ICO date quickly, after a successful pilot test of the Amon Card in November 2017. We are now looking for intelligent and pioneering investors to join us in our mission. By signing up now to the whitelist at www.Amon.Tech you can be among them. Whitelist members receive exclusive access to the pre-ICO token sale, a complementary Amon Gold card and a 25% Amon Token bonus. The whitelist closes on the 28th of February, so sign up now at www.Amon.Tech not to miss out on these unique benefits and to Help Amon start the crypto economy revolution!

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