Many Cryptocurrencies, Why Amon?

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There are a multitude of cryptocurrencies out there, at least 70,000 according to Wikipedia, and all of them have their own exchange rates and ups and downs. They all compete for the spot in the limelight. Amongst this chaos and disorder, why do we ask you to choose Amon? This is not a choice we take lightly. We know firsthand the pros and cons of the cryptocurrencies we have to compete against, and though there is no ill will between Amon and any other company, there definitely is a struggle to come out of the rat race on top.

In this myriad of brands and names, why do we feel confident in the assertion that we can be the best choice for you? Well, we have our own view of just how we can serve you and your cryptocurrency needs the best, and to prove it, this article has been written so that you may have a clear head when choosing Amon.

What Makes Amon Special

Amon came into the fray with a different approach. From the very first day, the team behind Amon was more concerned with solving the problems affecting the crypto community. These problems have been quoted by Amon CEO Daniele Izzo as the difficulty in the purchasing process at the time of buying, the sheer instability in the prices of virtual currencies, and the fact that having multiple cryptocurrencies was very difficult to manage and spend.

Amon came up with a very unique and unusual solution to these problems. Instead of just introducing a new crypto-token like the mainstream companies, Amon sought to mitigate cryptocurrency by the use of its Artificial Intelligence. How this works is best explained in another time and place but suffice it to say that the vision Daniele Izzo and his team possessed was by no means absurd. They believed they could do it, and they still do.

But the point I’m trying to make here is not the aim of Amon, admirable though it might be, but rather the way Amon’s goals have influenced its approach to business. In the years since Amon was founded, it has developed several interesting projects, and all of them rely on the use of an A.I. to boost their potency to a level of advancement far beyond that of the competition. It is this unusual approach that makes Amon special and why we feel that we are unusually suited to be the best choice for you.

What Special Services Can Amon Provide?

Amon is so, far the only user of Artificial Intelligence to help solve the problems inherent in the crypto world. It does this in a very manner distinctive of its status as the leader in cryptocurrency technology.

For that is a key difference between Amon and other companies. While other brands may offer cryptocurrency and software related to it, none besides Amon can offer technology to supplement cryptocurrency.

Take for example, the virtual debit card Amon has introduced, the Amon card. This card is more than just a plastic card; it hides the unbridled power of cutting edge modern technology. I am referring, of course, to the A.I. The Amon card can access the A.I. to help you decide which currency in your wallet provides the best value for coin when carrying out a transaction. Normally, you would have to do the math all by yourself. I don’t know about you, but I generally find looking at market values and extrapolating a trend from seemingly unrelated values, not connected by any specific trend to be difficult. The A.I. does this for you and makes a pretty good job all the while.

Moreover, the Amon card also helps store several different types of cryptocurrency, besides the standard Bitcoin and Ethereum. For Ethereum in your wallet, an additional service is also available; with just a few clicks, you can convert Ethereum to Bitcoin at reasonable exchange rates. Undoubtedly, this feature is quite handy for those who spend in multiple currencies on a daily basis.

The Amon Token (AMN)

The Amon token (AMN) is a new venture undertaken by Daniele Izzo and his team. After establishing their place in the market, which in itself is quite the feat, given that the market is so fluid, Amon capitalized on its latest product, the Amon card, by introducing its own custom crypto token, called the Amon Token. Still in its infancy, the token has a very long way to go before it can be considered a proper token, but it is still going pretty strong.

Due to the efforts of the team and their A.I., the token is generally considered to be one of the best in the newer variety. According to several sources, the token is doing much better than several others, despite having only been released a few months ago. As of August 11, 2018, the token was worth 0.0024 United States Dollars, which isn’t pretty bad for its age.

Amon is also looking forward to having ICOs held in order to introduce their coin to the global market with a proper launch. The CEO of Amon, Daniele Izzo is also an avid crypto investor, and he too has expressed his inclination to having a ICOs for the betterment of their token.

Why Amon?

Amon wants to be the driving force behind cryptocurrency’s eventual, and perhaps inevitable, rise to glory. It aims for the highest level of professionalism and customer satisfaction, along with the core ideals it has upheld with the same dedication since it was founded. Amon wants to create a world where cryptocurrency unites all instead of dividing them and seeks to do this by increasing compatibility between different and seemingly irreconcilable formats of technology.

Who could have guessed that one day A.I. and cryptocurrency, both thought to be on the edge of science fiction and reality, would work together seamlessly to create a world where technology solved the problems of today and made life easier for all? Well, Amon did when the impossible then and it does it on a regular basis. That is why we believe Amon is the right choice for you. Because Amon is willing to do the impossible for a better tomorrow.

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