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We are happy to announce the Amon Telegram Announcement Group!

Amon Announcement Group

  1. What is it?

Is a new Telegram group that we created for our community to always be informed on Amon News, Updates, Events and much more!

2. What is the difference with the actual Amon Telegram Group?

We created this new group for people of our community that want to find news, events and updates in a quicker way. In this new group you will be able to see the Amon life from the beginning and it will be easier to find the latest events/news.

3. What will happen with the current Amon Telegram Group?

The current Amon Telegram Group will remain open for community discussion and will still be moderated by our Admins.

Amon Community Discussion Group

Amon Announcement Group:

4. Is there any other channel to keep informed about Amon?

Yes! You can always follow us on our other channels like:





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