IT Update & Interview to Amon´s CTO

Today, we would like to give you a new update from Amon IT Team and a short interview with our CTO, Cristian Izzo.

As per our last roadmap, in the next months, we will be launching new functionalities to the wallet, new cryptocurrencies and new look of the wallet.

To know more about each of the goals that the Amon team has marked, we have made a short interview with our CTO. Cristian will explain to us in detail at what point we are and the next steps.

Hello Cristian, thanks for joining us today. Our community is eager to know how is the integration of the Investment Functionality going?

Hello everyone, we have been working for a few months now on the investment product and we’ll be ready to release the product in May 2019.

How will it work? And how much interest will we get?

We integrated a new section called Investment. there will be new wallets, it’s pretty much like a savings account.

You can move funds between the Main Wallets and Investment wallets at any time with no commission. When the funds are on the investment wallet, the user will start to earn weekly interest. The interest will be distributed every Monday.

The interest rates will change week by week, although it will stay similar to the interests that we see below. The interests are given by our partner Celsius.

The interest rate displayed is an annual interest but you will receive them on a weekly basis.

Can you Earn interests on AMN tokens?

We are not able to provide interests on AMN tokens yet but we will be adding the AMN token in the circuit of the Investment product soon. We will keep you posted.

Can you tell us what are the following Coins that will be added to the Amon Wallet?

Part of the integration of the latest months was dedicated to the migration from our own Nodes to BitGo, so yes we have already integrated Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, ZCash, ERC20 Tokens and we are working on the integration of Stellar and Ripple.

In the first release we will be adding Bitcoin Cash and then we will fully enable all the other coins.

What can you tell us about the IBAN for Amon users?

We started the integration of the IBAN account a few weeks ago, this integration will include a new EURO wallet, so finally, you can deposit and withdraw Fiat from the Amon Wallet. Our plan is to release it in June 2019.

When I send or receive money in my Amon wallet, does it have to be with another account associated with me? Or can it be an account associated with another person?

It really depends on a legal aspect, our lawyers are still working on it. We’ll have some update in the coming weeks but technically we don’t have any limitation to accept deposit and withdraw to any business or private account. We’re also considering a new KYC provider which allows us to have both facial/video recognition, address proof, AML check, and ongoing monitoring so we make sure to comply with the regulations.

Will you enable exchange crypto to fiat and vice versa?

Of course, we’ll enable new pairs on the in-app exchange, we’ll start with Bitcoin Cash to then enable all the others. The pair EUR/BTC – BTC/EUR and EUR/ETH – ETH/EUR will come next June.

That’s all for today Amoners! We will keep you posted on new features. Thank you!