Is Late to Invest in Cryptocurrencies?

We have all seen the numbers. We have all seen the forecasts. And we have all reached conclusions about the future of the crypto world. The media and the opponents of the blockchain may have been quick to capitalise on recent events, but were they right to do so? Have they painted a beautiful mural white in their attempts to discredit all that has been accomplished by the blockchain and its proponents in recent years, merely so that others may not be awed by its splendor?

These days the whole world is talking about three things and three things only: money, politics and current affairs. We discuss how money controls politics; how politics controls money and how current affairs is the spawn of money and politics. We discuss these things with the utmost and most casual impartiality, but when something happens to shake the pot, we start to care about these things more. Articles get written in favour of a particular view; speeches are made and the consciousness of the people is raised. This raiser of awareness may be an author, a journalist, a politician, or even a blockchain.

You see, the blockchain is a living (in as far as the immaterial can live), growing and self-replicating being. It is capable of tackling the most gargantuan problems with unrealistic ease. While some of our problems today may seem to be akin to the Gordian knot, the blockchain is like the sword that splits it all into two. And all the while, we can learn from this system as much as it may learn from us.

But the advantages and disadvantages of the blockchain is a debate for another day. Today, we stand to evaluate the progress of its largest exponent; cryptocurrency, and to in the end see whether its Golden Age has come and gone and to ask what we should expect from ourselves of this Golden Age. If you would like to read more about where cryptocurrency is going visit this article.

To start with, let us consider the progress of the most famous blockchain, the Bitcoin blockchain, and ask how far it has really come since then. Back when all of the crypto world was but a dream, an impossibility, if you would have told someone that there would come a day when the industry of intangible digital money would one day exceed a trillion dollars in its worth, chances are you would be a pariah of the technological world. Today if you tell someone you have a thousand dollars’ worth of cryptocurrency, you would be congratulated and possibly be treated with curiosity. That such a shift in the general mindset has occurred is no chance affair; the cryptocurrency world has made its mark on the world of today. And while we may seem incredulous at times of the prospect, the matter still remains the same. The world of cryptocurrency is here to stay.

You might be wondering why, if this is to be taken seriously, it is that cryptocurrencies are treated generally with so much distrust, and at times, disgust. While it is definitely hard to pinpoint just one answer to this problem, it seems likely that the true concept of the blockchain is not very widely understood. And where ignorance roams, rumors reign above the truth.

So, let us begin in discerning the head of truth and the tail of falsehood, and in between may we find the facts we are looking for our discussion.

Cryptocurrencies Are High-Risk but High Payoff Investments

To make money, you have to spend money. It’s as simple as that, and the way it has always been. But how much do you need to spend to make it big?

Well, that depends on where you plan on investing. For some industries, you might put in a dollar and make ten; while for others you might put in a thousand and make just a hundred over that, if you are lucky. But most commonly, you might put in a thousand dollars and make nine hundred one year, or two thousand the year after. All businesses are risks. But what makes the risk worthwhile?

Well, for one, the age old adage comes into mind: “nothing ventured, nothing gained”, and you would be hard pressed to get a more apt saying. After all, while it is true that cryptocurrencies are very high risk and that losses in price, when they rarely happen, can be very costly, it is conversely true that gains in price are equally spontaneous and advantageous to the smart buyer and the clever investor. Read more here.

Yes, We Know Bitcoin Has been Falling in Price Recently

It’s true, Bitcoin’s price has been falling recently to just a third of what its maximum price was before. And we know that this seems like an ideal counter argument for not buying into cryptocurrency at all.

But that just presents a perfect opportunity to the smart investor to buy the currency while it is still cheap. Hear me out here, people. What I’m saying is that the lowering of the price of Bitcoin is actually serendipitous for you, if you have not bought any Bitcoin yet. If you have, well the moment is still ample time to increase your purchases by further investing. While it may seem like putting all your eggs in one basket, remember that Bitcoin is backed by a foundation so strong that it would take global catastrophe to take it down; so the question is not of whether Bitcoin is here to stay, because it clearly is, but it’s rather of whether you are willing to take the bull by the horns and make a decision that will surely bear good returns in the foreseeable future and the present by making sure you put your money to use where it can’t go wrong. Don’t let yourself be put down by one mishap. Remember that every loss will only make the inevitable rise in Bitcoin pricing higher when it does.

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