Should I invest in Cryptocurrencies in 2020?

Today, cryptocurrencies have changed the entire world by adding assets that most of the associations and individuals should invest in crypto kitties price. Now, only 3% of people in the world are directly trading with digital currency, on the other hand, a number of investors are also going to increase in number around the globe.

However, investors and their HR Software who are inclined to invest in cryptocurrencies should have to be careful and have to spend their lot of time in this field. So, we are going to discuss here whether we should have to buy and trade with cryptocurrencies in 2020 or not? So, let’s find out this answer in this article.

Reasons To Invest in Crypto in 2020

Before starting the conversation, first, we should have to mention here about the meaning of cryptocurrency which is:

“Cryptocurrencies are those digital investments that developed with a special purpose to complement the traditional money as well as assuring the safety of financial transactions in the online environment”.

Now, let’s move on the question which arises in every investor’s sense that is why would you buy cryptocurrencies at all. So, here listed some reasons;

1) Accessibility: The best reason to invest in cryptocurrencies is their accessibility feature which means digital coins are widely accessible with crypto priced because you can easily trade them whenever and wherever you want.

2) Infallible Security: As compared to other payment systems, in this business of cryptocurrency you should not have to worry about any other or fraudulent activities.

3) Lower fees: Traditional payments in cryptos prices or exchanges costs higher to their clients. But, when it comes to cryptocurrency business the costs under any transactions are much lower.

4) Portfolio Diversification: Looking for other payment exchange systems to diversify your coin or knowing crypto price today? Don’t get depressed, make your access on crypto coins that will diversify your coins and another portfolio of investment plans.

5) Quick Transactions: All operations that conducted under the exchange systems of cryptocurrencies are quicker and faster as compared to other systems. These payment systems are conducted immediately, you can’t waste your time at all.

2020: Best Cryptocurrencies to Buy

To do business with cryptocurrencies and investing in them are highly profitable, but you have to follow some market rules and trends in order to understand what you should have to buy or sell with crypto coins price? Trade with digital currencies and coins are the most promising opportunities which you should have to grab instantly.

Now, we are going to discuss the top five cryptocurrencies that you should have to invest during or in 2020.

Best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2020 are:


Let’s discuss them briefly one by one,

1) Ethereum

Basically, Ethereum is based on the popular app a processing platform, which exactly stays where it navigates its power from the crypto stock price. According to the survey, there costs over $270, but about 2020 predictions these are optimistic. Some analysts even said that Ethereum would cross or reach over Bitcoin during 2020. Ethereum is going to grow like crazy in the near future.

2) Bitcoin

As we all know that lists of cryptocurrencies would be incomplete without mentioning Bitcoin. It’s like talking about content creations but not talking about market leaders. After facing ups and downs in 2019 of the crypto price chart, finally Bitcoin stables at about $11.7 thousand. So, the best option and solutions for investors who want to play safely and hoping for a small type of long-term return on investments.

3) Litecoin

Litcoin, as compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum are much cheaper, but we can’t deny its potential in the market. For this reason, we should have to invest in Litecoin and all crypto prices which shows big opportunities for all businessmen who wish to gain great profit. It risks lower as it costs somewhat more than $100, so you don’t have to worry about it. Secondly, Litecoin has built-in technical transaction network which is more enough to make you consider investing.

4) XRP

Another famous cryptocurrency that has the potential to find a dominant position in the market is XRP. It’s worth is less than as compared to above-listed cryptocurrencies but things could change quickly if XRP turned into the official solution for banking infrastructure. Some reports say that Ripple might understand the technology and XRP crypto price used by market giants and would gain massive success in 2020.

5) NEO

NEO currently costs about $15 but studies suggest that it would gain surprising growth in near 2020. The infrastructure of NEO is full of potential with existing crypto live prices and it is one of the main purposes through which the Chinese government is thinking about joining the NEO coin soon. If this happens, then NEO will become one of the most profitable cryptocurrencies for agile investors.

Selecting Best Crypto Wallet in 2020

Another important thing which every investor realize that when they should begin to learn about the crypto wallet. So, have few words on crypto wallets;

“Crypto wallets are devices that might be digital or physical which typically run the needed software in order to select or make an interface with the blockchain of cryptocurrency and to register correctly with the blockchain or any amount of crypto stored within their devices”.

So, basically, crypto wallets are divided into two main types;

● Software Wallets
● Hardware Wallets

Software Wallets: Wallets that originally available when Bitcoin was created. High skills and abilities are required to make access to this software wallet. Today, a wide range of wallets are available that allow users to create accounts and execute the transfer of various cryptos. Read more here.

Hardware Wallets: Hardware wallets are comparatively new to markets but today most of the well-known brands used these wallets. Hardware wallets are small, physical devices that run software on them in order to allow users to plug them into the computer where they have access to their cryptocurrency directly anytime, anywhere.

Crypto Trends Expecting in 2020

Speculation is known to be the heart of trading cryptocurrency. Price speculation is present across all assets but mostly activated cryptocurrencies have endured largely. Now, we are going to share some trends that are excepting in 2020 described down below;

1) The Halving Event: Expecting as a most concrete event in 2020 is the Bitcoin halving in May, which tends to reduce the number of Bitcoin rewards for making mining successfully into the desired digital ledger by half, from 12.5 to 6.25 BTC. This event aimed to organize for stabilizing the supply of Bitcoins.

2) Introducing Libra: Facebook also announced its first official coin Libra, in summer 2020. This stable coin has backing from many big companies including Uber, Vodaphone, CoinBase and even a member of Kushner Family.

3) The Feds Could step in: Another big trend which is the biggest and most important controversial technology and cryptocurrency ripple price companies are getting involved in the crypto game. This might set a major fed up in the crypto market in the upcoming 2020. Read more here.

4) Hook up among Fintech and Crypto: The emerging theme of cryptocurrency in the market is growing up and becoming the main theme of finding actual use cases. Fintech and Crypto find a strong bond between them and now they are going to make a hoop up among each other.


Cryptocurrency is the most sensational financial investment for investors today and it’s value also increased with passing every day. There are many different crypto platforms that exist and the investors have opportunities to choose one of them. The point is, 2020 will become a put up or shut up moment for the cryptocurrency world. That means either coins will start to grow or will start to disappear.

If you find any query or doubt, then feel free by commenting below.

Thank you & Good Luck!