Hello AMONers!

The new verification process is ready and we have prepared a guide to skip any issues during the new action.

In the Verification Process, you will be asked to submit ID, Passport or Driver licence + Proof of address + Selfie holding the document uploaded. It will take you no more than 40 seconds, so get your documents and let’s start!

Submitting KYC through Amon Desktop wallet, iOS or Android:

  1. Login into your wallet and the new Identity Verification process will pop up, click next.



2. Choose the document you would like to submit and click next (in this case we chose passport)

select doc

3. Here are 2 options, you can upload an existing file or use your camera, choose one and click next 



kyc driver licence

_Note2 (1)

Important Identity Verification rules for South Korea:
Please carefully cover all sensitive information as is shown below in red (do not edit photos digitally, please use only physical objects such as sticky notes).

Korean ID

Korean Passport

4. In the next page, you will be asked to submit a proof of address. You can upload an existing document or open your camera, then click next

utility bill

If your ID document contains your home address information, it can be used as Proof of Address. In that case, you need to provide another ID document (e.g. passport) as Proof of Identity. Please be aware that it’s against the rules to use the same document to prove both, your identity and address.




What you should notice:

  • If you attach a utility bill or bank statement, they must be issued within the last 3 months and printed on the official form.
  • We need to confirm your residency address; the system doesn’t accept addresses of legal entities or relatives.
  • Your document must contain the full name (as in the ID), the owner’s address and the date of issue.
  • The system doesn’t accept documents in ligature without Latin transliteration. If your document is fully in Arabic or another language with a ligature, you have to make a notarized translation in English.
  • You must provide a photo of the whole document. None of the banks or regulators accepts pieces of the documents. And so don’t we.
  • If your address is stated in your passport or driving license, you will not be able to confirm your identity and place of residence with the same document. In this case, use another document at the identity check stage — driving license, another type of the passport or ID-card.

5. Last step! Open your camera and take a selfie. Please, take a photo of yourself holding the document. The photo should be bright and clear, and all parts of your face and your document must be visible.

upload selfie



KYC pending

Well done! Your documents are under review, we will notify you of the status of the application shortly.

6. With this new verification process, uploaded documents can be partially rejected. As you can see in the image below, step 1 and 3 are correct but the step 2 has been rejected. In this case, you need to login to your wallet and navigate to settings, there you will find the KYC tag where you can reload the rejected step or steps.


For more help, we have prepared a DEMO video. If you would like to Skip the Identity Verification process and do it later, remember that you can find it in Settings. Still doubts? Visit Amon´s Help Center and check all the FAQs


Should you have any questions, drop us a line to, our customer service team will be happy to help you out.

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