How Amon’s AI Solves The Problem Of Spending Cryptos

Cryptos can revolutionise the economy by becoming a daily means of spending, used interchangeably with fiat currency. For this to happen, practical use in everyday life is going to be key. Crypto Cards turn crypto portfolios into spendable fiat currency when making purchases. Despite there being more than 30 crypto cards already on the market, the crypto economy is still taking its first steps. Many factors are challenging this transition, including:

  • The difficulty and reluctance of retailers to price products in cryptos, due to the latter’s extreme price volatility
  • The inability of many crypto debit card providers to allow conversions from other cryptos in addition to Bitcoin
  • A lack of real-time conversions, which results in high transaction fees for crypto spenders
  • No way of maximising the card user’s spending power by proactively managing the volatility of cryptos

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These challenges are what brought together a group of crypto experts and entrepreneurs to launch Amon — the world’s most innovative, user-friendly and advanced crypto card in existence. The Amon Card offers users a wide range of functions, features and benefits that make crypto spending easy, cost-effective and hassle-free. Among these features is Amon’s Amon Artificial Intelligence System (AAIS).

The AIIS has the following main features and benefits:

  • It converts cryptos into fiat currencies in real-time, directly at the moment you make a purchase. This lowers your transaction fees compared to other crypto cards.
  • As the cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile, it is hard to know which crypto to convert to fiat when you buy something. The AAIS solves the problem by selecting the best crypto to convert at any specific point in time, thanks to its innovative and scientifically-tested AI algorithms. These are designed to optimise your buying decisions, mitigate volatility and maximise the spending power of your crypto portfolio. This feature makes Amon the only de facto “Intelligent Card” in the world.
  • The AAIS alternatively allows you to select a crypto of your choice to convert for each purchase you make. You can also choose a default one for all purchases you make and according to your preference.
  • The Amon Card allows you to convert not only Bitcoin, like most other cards, but also Ethereum and Litecoin. More cryptos will become available with upcoming releases, offering you even more flexibility.
  • Amon’s future advanced AI algorithms, now in development, will be able to help you take also on what cryptos to trade and hold, maximising the returns of your portfolio. The AI will also feature machine learning, learning from each cardholder’s behaviour and historical data.
  • Amon’s Built-in exchange will allow direct exchanging of one crypto to another in the Amon wallet, instantly. You will further be able to invest in the tokens of new ICOs directly from the Amon App.

Amon’s AI capabilities, our experienced team and our partnerships with VISA/MasterCard are setting up Amon to expand globally — very quickly. And our unique advantages are about to get even better.

That’s because we are preparing for the Amon Private ICO, scheduled for March 1st, 2018, and are now accepting Whitelist subscribers for the pre-ICO Amon Token Sale. The Whitelist will close on February 28th, The Whitelist participants will then be invited to take part in the private ICO exclusively. The private ICO and the Main ICO will raise funds to further our IT development and launch our service globally in the second half of 2018. To join our mission to build the crypto economy, you just have to sign up for the Amon Whitelist right now. By signing up not only will you get exclusive access to the pre-ICO Token Sale, but you will also receive a 25% Token bonus and an Amon Gold card — completely FREE and mailed to you directly.

Amon is ready to launch and we’re blazing forward at lightning speed with 1000s of whiltelist investors already lined up. To make sure you don’t miss out, Sign up now to join our whitelist and be part of the crypto revolution.

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