How Amon Wallet Works

What is Amon Wallet

For everyday transactions, you need a specific crypto wallet that helps you to exchange your cryptocurrencies or virtual currencies through a crypto debit card, without putting any effort so Amon will help you for sure.

If you never heard about Amon so here, we will describe it as:

  • A Crypto/Fiat Wallet: Amon is a crypto and fiat wallet that provides users different services like Crypto and Fiat Wallet to store 8 coins just as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, DASH, BitcoinCash, DAI, USDC, Amon token and Euro.
  • Best Crypto Exchange: With a powerful AI system you can exchange crypto against other cryptos or euro at the best rate to earn, for tracking your coins and using Debit Card.
  • Partnerships: Amon is backed by MKB Bank and has partnerships with Bitgo, Celsius and other top players.

Amon allow users to:

  • Exchange crypto to euros
  • Invest cryptos and get the yearly interest paid out every Monday.
  • Choose specific cryptocurrency via a crypto debit card for the purchase.

You can say it as Amon wallet is one single wallet for all of your assets. It allows you to accumulate all of your assets in one place with the use of top-class experience. See here the Best Cryptocurrency Wallet.

Things that show easy marketing with Amon Wallet

Anyone who holds cryptocurrency will tell you about its benefits in business. But, on another hand, direct crypto transactions heavy fees and they send your payment on your computers or phone that will be accessible for you around all over the world.

Therefore, Amon stepped into it for developing such crypto wallet and top crypto debit cards that provide users more options for transactions in the minimum fee. Read more here.

Currently, Amon tends to support the following tokens and they have more plans in the future to support more cryptocurrencies. For now, Amon supports:

Earn Interest on Amon (AMON EARN)

Good news is here! Yes Now, Amon is going to add a new feature that helps users of cryptocurrency platforms to earn interest on the basis of their digital assets. Currently, Amon is backed by MKB fintech lab, largest bank in Hungary and investment arm of MKB Bank. Also, this bank selected Amon to take part in the accelerator program. While joining with this program, more and more users don’t spend crypto as they are now interested in accumulating assets and earning more interest.

Now, Amon users can easily borrow cryptocurrency assets so they can utilize values of digital currency without even need to sell them. They can simply deposit funds and then moves into their saving wallet and can easily earn a percentage of interest on every Monday. In simple words we can say this;

Amon is one of the biggest platforms for cryptocurrency users to allow them to earn interest on digital assets.

Basics of Amon Wallet for Users

When you wish to join Amon then it will ultimately support all of your digital assets and helps you to convert them into fiat whenever you need it. Although, it will provide more benefits than you can surely worth it. These benefits are:

  1. Amon, with its crypto wallet, shows long-time availability to spend Bitcoin, Ethereum Euro, DAI, LiteCoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash and AMN tokens which are supposed to be coming soon.
  2. Amon proves itself to be a good platform which helps every user that has a digital wallet and works with fiat and cryptocurrencies via a crypto debit card with AI-based software to choose the most appropriate way of methods used to purchase at a given time.
  3. Amon users will get a different option for purchasing as in the first user have to pay with same cryptocurrency each time, they make a purchase, on second, he would have opportunity to select his respective cryptocurrencies upon which he wants to make a purchase. In the last, the AI system pay directly with most suitable cryptocurrency.
  4. Amon has its own exchange where users can buy or sell cryptocurrency and easily track prices. Although, you can deposit Euros and can exchange into your favorite cryptocurrency through Amon app. Yes, you can crypto to crypto easily.
  5. Amon helps its users to earn interests on their digital cryptocurrency assets directly without completing any formalities as other platforms do via crypto debit card green for giving interest.
  6. Amon loans will pay into fiat currency where crypto holders can get benefits of any increased prices that will occur to their assets. With Amon, you can enjoy the best loan rates.
  7. BitGo, a leader in the storage of all digital assets and also master in cryptocurrency financial services that provide its clients with security, compliance and custodial solutions.

What’s Behind Amon’s Goal?

Basically, you can say that the Goal of Amon is to remove all those barriers that widespread of cryptocurrency. Currently, Amon is hoping to get the green light from investors in order to implement crypto wallet with debit card. Read more here.

Some leading up interests which investors are hoping from Amon are listed below;

  • Interests related to cryptocurrencies continues to spread their amazing benefits along with values towards investors, consumers, and financial institutions.
  • Business along with cryptocurrencies are going to increase with the help Amon Wallet.
  • Amon is here to present a best crypto debit card for everyday use and for your shopping too.
  • Being compatible with fiat and virtual both cryptocurrencies, it allows a user to make direct interaction with your debit card crypto.

IBAN For Amon Users

Now, the integration of IBAN account has been started a few weeks ago in collaboration with Amon wallet. This action includes EURO wallet, so users can deposit and withdrawal fiat currency easily from Amon Wallet.

Another question will definitely arise in your mind that Now, is it possible for you to implant cryptos into fiat or vice versa? Of course, you can. Now, you’ll be able to make new pairs in-app exchanges. Pair was started with Bitcoin (BTC) as;


How Amon Exchange and Earn:

As we know that Amon is multi-platform for all kinds of traditional and digital currencies that allow users to store, exchange and spend these currencies. For earning purpose, Amon makes a partnership with Celsius Network to provide rewarding interest to their users at Celsius, unprecedented rates. Read more here.

Celsius Network, a leading platform for democratization interest income that can easily be accessed through the mobile app. You can now earn interest by using this network’s flexible and lenient terms that are:

⎫ Minimum deposit
⎫ No withdrawal fees
⎫ No penalties
⎫ No lockups.

This network assured to give earned interest paid out weekly and transferred directly to the user’s crypto wallet at a rate of 3-8% APR. Steps of this process are so simple as described below;

  1. Deposit your crypto on Amon Wallet
  2. Check % of earn interest weekly.
  3. Get of % earn interesting crypto.


For the last words, we can say that Amon Wallet helps everyone in this new world of digital currency through its Amon Wallet. To keep too many different wallets for different cryptocurrencies is a little bit difficult and tricky. You really don’t want to stick yourself in such a hectic situation. Isn’t it?

In that case, Amon Wallet works like magic. It will keep secure all of your cryptocurrencies at one single place as well as use them anywhere when you want them. Delivery through Amon wallet and crypto pay debit cards these days are very easy and fast among other wallets.

Next time we will discuss another main issue related to Amon and cryptocurrency trending and you should have to connect with us for more updates and news on it.