How Amon Can Change the Crypto World

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Amon is a relatively new exponent in the cryptocurrency world, designed to bring change and innovation within the vast, vast world of cryptocurrency and e-commerce. With a cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence system created to manage your less tangible assets easier, Amon is here to make sweeping changes all across the electronic age of today.

In this article, we are going to look into how Amon is doing this.

The Problems

An experienced cryptocurrency investor knows that there are several types of cryptocurrency. The most famous and successful currently is Bitcoin. In fact, Bitcoin is like Adam and Eve to thousands of cryptocurrencies. It has given rise to many, and it is the predecessor for those who developed independently.

Each cryptocurrency has its own value, its own growth rates, and risk factors. Each has a different use: Ethereum acts like an e-contract, transferring only when the terms of its transaction are met; whereas Bitcoin is more straightforward and is basically akin to fiat currency. Using most of the thousands of cryptocurrencies, you can pay for almost any item you choose to buy on the Internet (and, increasingly, many stores as well). The catch is, you can only pay for an item with one type of cryptocurrency at a time.

It’s pretty simple to understand why. Imagine you’re at the snack bar in the United Nations Headquarters in Switzerland. I’ve never been there, and frankly, you probably haven’t either, but let’s pretend the snack bar there accepts every currency in the world. Obviously, you can’t pay for an item in a mixture of francs, dollars, and rupees, right? You have to stick with one currency with which to pay. Let’s say that your total sum of each currency, i.e. francs, dollars, and rupees were equivalent to the price of popcorn. Which do you choose?

Now some might say ‘in dollars’, due to their familiarity with the currency. Alternatively, you might say rupees because your pocket is crammed full of them and it’s hard to pull anything out because of them. Lastly, you might choose francs because the currency fell in value last week and you’re trying to get rid of as much of it as you can without incurring further losses. Read more here.

Do you see what the problem is? You can only choose one currency, but you need to keep more than one factor in mind when spending them.

It’s a veritable headache for most people who invest in cryptocurrency. You see, the dollar’s price is pretty stable, mostly. But within the world of cryptocurrency, alas, nothing is nearly so constant. Cryptocurrencies rise and fall, losing hundreds of dollars in value in a matter of months.

The matter seems insignificant, but what needs to be understood is that it was practically impossible for investors to remember what currency was going to be the strongest when it changed every single day.
But that was all they could do: go online every day and check the fares of their inconstant investments. Buying something online, which was supposed to be so easy and quick with cryptocurrency compared to using fiat currency, became a nightmare of numbers, rates, risk factors, and speculation. What if you spent all of the currency, to find its price increased tenfold tomorrow? Better not to spend at all, right?

Another problem of people brave enough to take the risk was the need to convert their currencies. In the beginning, they converted their cryptocurrencies to Bitcoin, then converted them into fiat currency, loaded it onto a debit card, and finally, they could begin the whole checkout process. All that hassle was for one thing.

On top of all that, your wallet, (which in case you didn’t know, is basically your crypto ‘bank account’) could get so full of different currencies that it would get hard to manage them.

The Solution

Well, at this critical time, came in Daniele Izzo and his team with their A.I., designed to solve this conundrum. They joined forces with another company called Daneel to help them in creating a program that could manage everything better. They made use of this software to come up with an Artificially Intelligent wallet manager.

Basically, the A.I. tracks the individual performance of each currency in the market. Using these statistics, it generates new data that suggests which currency is most suitable to use for your transaction of the available types in your Amon wallet. It does all the grunt work for you, so all you have to do is choose what you want to buy, and let the computer do the rest.

The A.I. doesn’t just stop at crypto. In fact, it can even tell you what fiat currency is the best to use. Remember your popcorn at the U.N. snack bar? Amon can tell you what to do where nobody else can.

Moreover, the program can use your personal data to make a more personal decision for you, according to what you would like. For example, if I like spending Litecoin more than Ethereum, the program would suggest I use Litecoin more often. If I preferred buying Ethereum with a Visa card, it would make more suggestions to help me to do that easier. It even tracks the previous market history and the volatility of each cryptocurrency to make the right choice for you.

Amon also has another goal: to reduce cryptocurrency volatility via its powerful A.I. program. It wants to make the rises and falls in each currency more stable, so that every person can relax a little more when buying bitcoin with a debit card, and to make the task easier. Read more here.

Moreover, Amon also has developed a new cryptocurrency, AMN token. The token is doing pretty well as of late, and surely will continue to do so. However, the aims behind this currency should not be misunderstood as to encourage competition. Amon has and always will intend to facilitate the usage of all cryptocurrencies and provide a platform, where every person can easily use them without worrying over the problems we all faced before the inception of Amon’s A.I. software.

Lastly, and most importantly, Amon has introduced its own payment card, which allows a user to juggle multiple currencies within one portfolio. It offers complete compatibility with fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies, being notable in that it is the only existing platform to do so. Amon card is a plastic card that can make all transactions so much simpler, using the A.I. Amon Tech is so proud of. Whether you need a bitcoin debit card or a virtual debit card, the answer is the same: Amon card.

Let’s have a round of applause for Daniele Izzo and his team for being the flag bearers of a new revolution in the crypto world, and for bringing the change that the crypto world needed.

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