How Amon helps you Navigate Spikes and Dips in Crypto

Cryptocurrency is constantly changing, but that does not mean you cannot be in control. Be in the know with Amon. Amon is more than a debit card but a personal cryptocurrency assistant, allowing you to know when the changes are happening and when they make the most sense to use.

Built-in exchange keeps you in the know

When once before you would have to look everything up, Amon provides the ability to let you know when there is a change in the market. With a built-in exchange, users are continuously in the know. You do not have to go to external exchanges, you don’t have to continuously exchange while you are focusing on other things. Amon is the assistant that provides the user with a clear way to manage everything.

Download on IOS or Android our Euro Wallet – the safest and most popular portfolio for investing and storing digital resources. Amon allows you to manage all your assets in one place.

The exchange alone is enough to make many crypto traders move to the Amon card. Providing a way to keep on top of all the exchanges with cryptos, the user does not need to check numerous ones time and time again. Each one is offered through Amon, allowing you to interact, control and trade with ease through one place.

Amon is built with artificial intelligence

Built with artificial intelligence, Amon is the answer to all of your crypto woes. It is able to let the user know not only which of his cryptos is going to give the most value, but also keep the user up to date with each and every transaction and change made.

If you want a card that keeps you updated in real time, Amon is that card. Each and every time you go to purchase a product, you are recommended the best crypto to use based on the current exchange rates. This saves you time and money when trying to make a purchase and not fumble with multiple apps to find the best rates.

Amon is everything a user needs to exchange that cryptocurrency into fiat cash or to switch between cryptocurrencies for the one offering the best exchange rate at any given moment. Amon is your cryptocurrency solution.

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