Four Mind blowing predictions about Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

The blockchain is one of the largest corporate bodies today, if you consider its meteoric rise and increasing popularity, and it shows up all the time in our lives. Be it on Facebook, Twitter or other social media outlets, there are numerous stories published about it every day, and the numbers are only rising to be very honest. Since the very controversial and astonishing outbreak of Bitcoin way back in 2010, and the resulting boom in market shares and prices, the Blockchain has exemplified the values of efficiency, dedication and hard work to turn a profit hand over fist and day after day.

Today, we still stand in awe at the glory of this digital beast that we call the blockchain, and while awe is indeed quite an apt way to try to appreciate the gargantuan size of the force, this is not to say that we should not make an active effort to actually understand the system. Hence, today we shall look at the latest news in the blockchain and the crypto world.

Trust Square Becoming a Blockchain Giant

Located in Bahnhofstrasse, Zurich,Trust Square is fast becoming a major exponent in the crypto world. By the fourth quarter of this year, the company stands at the pinnacle of the crypto world, and a symbol of excellence to all. Within a short time, the company will become the largest blockchain hub in the world and will expand its premises to more than 3,000 square meters of land. The hub will have more than 300 desks and startups under its wing and is in the process of looking for another location for a more permanent setting. If you would like to read more about cryptocurrencies visit this article.

These developments reflect the government of Switzerland’s attempts to buy into the blockchain industry and make a lasting impression in the field while the proverbial iron is still hot. Despite the restrictions imposed by the European Union back in early 2018 on the growth and autonomy of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, these steps show that the government of Switzerland and several other nations recognise the viable nature of the blockchain for investment and want to utilise its nascent status and relative corporate inexperience to make a change for the better.

These intentions are reflected in the words of Daniel Gasteiger, co-founder of Trust Square:

“There’s a huge demand for a place like Trust Square. We’re particularly pleased about the diversity and quality of companies and projects that have taken up residence at our hub. Turning Trust Square into the world’s largest blockchain hub will further increase its appeal to blockchain experts from around the globe.”

Even as early as April 2018, all 200 desks were booked by eager investors. Trust Square will surely go on to amaze us all.

French Government Gives Green Light for Cryptocurrency?

In a Tweet earlier this week, the Minister for the Economy and Finance of France has stated the passing of an article of the Business Growth and Transformation Bill, also referred to as P.A.C.T.E., that should facilitate the growth and promotion of the blockchain and cryptocurrencies in France and hopefully to other parts of Europe that seem to be more provincial and backwards when it comes to the relatively new matter of the blockchain and cryptocurrency.

According to this source, the French official stated that the stock market regulatory authority, the A.M.F., which stands for the “Autorite des marches financiers”, has been permitted to allow companies to raise funds by the I.C.O. method and thus incorporate cryptocurrency into their portfolio and assets. If you would like to read more about cryptocurrencies visit this article.

Besides being specifically advantageous to the crypto world and to the blockchain, these companies that have roots in France stand to benefit as well. For one they can use the highly successful and reliable method of garnering capital and a consumer base before even releasing a product. The method, which involves the creation of a limited time crypto coin or cryptocurrency and selling it to potential investors for a share of the company and even special rights in the way it is to be run in the future, has proven to be a very ingenious solution to the problem of the lack of funds for budding entrepreneurs.

This new ruling reflects the recent change in policies of European countries like Belgium, where news arose recently that the E.U. is refraining from making a rash decision regarding the framing of new cryptocurrency laws.

Alibaba’s Jack Ma’s Advice for the Blockchain

The fiscal and commercial significance and momentum of the blockchain can be seen by the recent comments made by product shipping titan head Jack Ma at the World AI Conference. Ma stated that AI, the blockchain and the Internet of Things will all fail to survive in the upcoming years unless they adapt to the changing geopolitical and economic turmoil in the world and target the one most stable industry of all time: the manufacturing industry. If you would like to read more about Alibaba visit this article.

Speaking with unparalleled experience from his years of building his company, Alibaba, to the giant corporate conglomerate that today rivals even Jeff Bezo’s Amazon, Jack Ma spoke of the various ways that the three aforementioned industries could really have an impact on the manufacturing and production industries of the world. Currently valued at more than three trillion dollars, China and the other leading countries of the world might benefit greatly from the introduction of the blockchain and technology that it incorporates like the usage of virtual cards and other assets for a rapid industrial growth.

Bitcoin Sinks Further

Following an emerging trend of slow decline in closing day trading price, the value of one Bitcoin continued to sink lower as reported today to a final closing price of $6,317.22. While many had hoped previously that the price of Bitcoin would recover in recent days, as it showed a minor rise at the beginning of September, it seems that the worst of this plummet in cost is yet to come. If you would like to read more about Bitcoin visit this article.

However, on the bright side, this drop in price represents a golden opportunity to invest in Bitcoin and get in on the action at a much more affordable rate than before.

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