Gavin Newsom gets Elected Governor of California

Victory of Newson is Appreciating. HOW?

The candidate of Democrats Party Newson won the elections against the candidate of Republican party named John Cox. Newson, a 51 years old gentleman for the first time try for having seat of governor and tried his luck which was succeeded successfully. Now he become first governor of California who was also a big blockchain adopter. His success was really very appreciative and was also great. The state of California truly welcomed him in most lovely way.

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In late 2014, Gavin was responsible for taking the responsibilities of governor with the cryptocurrency of Bitcoin. He also shows a deep interest in an accepting Bitcoin, Blockchain and much other cryptocurrencies. He further stated as:

“I always promoting the technology of Blockchain and Bitcoin ever, I said properly that I will going to accept Bitcoin in a campaign”.

Gavin was truly great and well supporter Bitcoin as well as the technology of blockchain. He started the campaign of accepting cryptocurrencies of all kinds and types this year. He was also involved in establishing his own website, because the official website was banned in taking the donations for the promotion of cryptocurrency in California. If you would like to read more about elected governor of California visit this article.

Controversy on Politicians:

Due to the emergence of cryptocurrency in global market, a large group of politicians are taking interest in adopting the technology of cryptocurrencies in their official work as they find it best and modern way to promote the economy of their country. Due to the excessive use of these technologies, many controversies were started over the use of cryptocurrencies as well as on those politicians who adopt cryptocurrency donations in their universal campaign. Because of the International pressure the use of privacy coins like Monero are used by most of the politicians. They used that coin in those campaign to follow the donations of cryptocurrency.

Victory of Jared Polis:

Representative of Bitcoin friendly in US is named as Jared Polis has also won the governor race of Colorado. This is also another best victory which is expected by the public and government of Colorado. For the cryptocurrency users, Polis is named as vocal advocate for the use of cryptocurrency. He also carried out some of the main features and published few actions steps of cryptocurrency on his website. Blockchain integration for some cryptocurrencies are also available by Polis in the state affair portions of his website. If you would like to read more about governor of California visit this article.

Blockchain Policy of Jared Polis:

Through the emergence of this new era of economy has grown into this country, the responsibilities of the governor are to continue to keep the state of emerging market in the sector of cryptocurrency technology world. According to some recent researches on cryptocurrency and DLT, it was claimed that in near future the growth of distributed ledger technology is going to increase soon or will be turned into multibillion-dollar technology. This will assess the technology to make an ability to revolutionise the industry across the nation and the state. If you would like to read more about Pro-Bitcoin governor visit this article.

Responsibilities of Governor that are necessary to make revolution in California;

Here are some actions and responsibilities are listed out through which a governor should perform to revolution in California. These will also bring the benefits of blockchain technology into the countryside.

  • Provide Cyber Security

One of the most important responsibility of person is to provide cyber security to their public as if he provides cyber security then it will make the whole system secure, transparent and efficient. Governor will coordinate with the secretary of state and lawmakers to empower the local communities in order to enhance the purpose of blockchain technology which turned the cyber system more secure and better.

  • Secure Regulatory System

Governor had to establish token card, Ethereum credit card and best cryptocurrency credit card to make secure regulatory system in most effective way. Open security services are also good for the regulatory system of the government. The leading ideas of this technology will lead to make secure safeguard across all the country.

  • Balanced Energy Loads

In order to become a successful leader governor would have to balance the energy loads provides in the country. State of California should have to work with Public Utilities Commission in order to explore the blockchain based solutions and improve the energy grid of the country. That transition is very necessary to make the energy value most reliable, secure and cheaper for the general public of California.

  • Transparency of the Government

Expenditures and contracts of government of California should be transparent for the public of California.

  • Use of Blockchain technology in Advancement of Country

In order to develop the economic sector of California strong the governor should have to adapt the system of blockchain technology in order to explore future work. Coordinating with blockchain society will lead the future of country brighter and more flexible. International trade and business community will also bring a huge change in the revolution of economic sector of whole country. Benefits of the system will also get through using blockchain technology.

These are the leadership qualities which a governor should adopt in order to encourage the companies blog in most effective order. Taxpayers and economical sector is also going to increase soon which established the government sector in most appropriate order.

Innovative order of government officials will lead to encourage the flocks of the state and also establish the applications of government to enhance the value of cryptocurrency and blockchain towards the whole system. Blockchain policy of all the companies would have to be transparent and clear among the other investors and traders so that this would lead to enhance the system of the country.

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