Deal signed between Bithumb and US Fintech Firm

Deal signed with U.S Fintech:

It was reported by the news agency of Korean Yonhap about the deal which is signed between major South Korean cryptocurrency exchange named Bithumb and American Fintech Firm. This deal is signed between them to make an effort in order to open a securities system for token exchange in United States of America. A large number of cryptocurrency investment, technological development and large number of cryptocurrency exchanges took place in the cryptocurrency market of South Korea. As the government of South Korea is not keenly interested in the use of cryptocurrencies, also famous for high percentage of enthusiasts of cryptocurrency in their local as well as International markets. One of the largest crypto exchange of South Korea having deep effect on the markets which was explained into the news on 11th of May. The regulatory system of South Korea is pretty tough for the investors of cryptocurrency. In South Korea, official use of ICOs and exchange of any kind of cryptocurrency is currently banned for no reason. The main reason of this incident is discussed as The South Korean government specifically conscious about money laundering, tax paying issues and some official laws that cause hurdles in new kind of descriptions. If you would like to read more about Bithumb signs deal visit this article.

What are Bithumb and American Fintech Firm:

Introduction of Bithumb:

Bithumb as per its importance is considered to be best and most active platform that works freely in the land of South Korea. BTC LTD taking the responsibility of making this perfect platform in most accurate order. For presenting the terms of trading volume, Bithumb is considered one of the best platforms which works secretly in Japan as well as in South Korea too. In contrast with crypto coins, fiat cryptocurrency of South Korea gains more importance. The fees of Bithumb transactions are also very low and didn’t depends on amount of these transactions.

Introduction of American Fintech Firm:

American Fintech firm is known to be an amazing industry which are composed of that kind of companies which fulfils and completes the traditional institutions by introducing new and most innovative type of technologies in their working process. That technologies will truly helpful for the exchange system of these companies. In order to challenge the traditional system of business Fintech is going to introduce blockchain technology which will help them about how to make big achievements in their respective projects. The collection of smart contracts blockchain technology and cyber security are considered to be the most advanced areas of research search for the Fintech system. The purpose of blockchain technology in the field of Fintech is not only to make a suitable kind of transactions instead it will also help to manage the trust and network of the whole system. If you would like to read more about Bithumb security token exchange visit this article.

Citing individuals are totally aware about this matter and they also get familiar with the points of this agreement. Bithumb proposed an interview towards the Central media as;

Bithumb after making an asset make a strike deal with SeriesOne to sought actively and makes a strong relationship with them. Bithumb is also making efforts to make a global financial firm which is based on blockchain technology and investors expect for making this global system down the road.

Security tokens as well as token card, coin card, activate card and virtual card is used by allowing holders which will use them to purchase goods and more items. Also, traditional values of these investments and appreciation will provide definite concerns. Source from different news channels claimed that during the first half of 2019, SeriesOne will go to establish an interesting exchange in U.S while on the other hand, Bithumb provides technical support as well as financial investment toward that operating system for exchange purposes.

Purpose of One Root Network (RNT):

From the start of this month, Bithumb is interested to announce and launch a crypto exchange system of global decentralised kind. That global system is truly appreciating while having partnership with blockchain firm which further linked in with One Root Network (RNT). This RNT is developed by decentralised based Ethereum technology which are having transactions protocol named R1. This protocol R1 separates the matching order and execution, on which system of RNT proposed to improve the security and matching efficiency of that system.

What was devastating Hack in June?

The crypto exchange system of Hong Kong in a report suggested that in future the Bithumb token will recover and can overcome about the loss that happens in devastating hack in June. Great effect causes due to this loss of Bithumb but with the help of industry partners Bithumb is ready to overcome the loss of 30 million that in return of 14 million caused by that hack. This is really very fast recovery which will overcome by any technology in very short period of time.


After making a detail description on this topic, we can suggest that this was truly able to return the amount about 1,063,500 Ripple (XRP) tokens to the sorts of Bithumb which was 584,00 at the time of hack. It was also confirmed by the CoinMarketCap, that Bithumb is now becoming number one cryptocurrency exchange now a days with a trade volume of 1.7 billion in 24 hours of a day. The importance of Bithumb cryptocurrency is going to increase day by day as large number of people not from only South Korea instead all the crypto exchange lover gets benefits from this currency exchange with it. We also appreciate all the terms and conditions of the Bithumb as all of them is designed to help to improve the image and impact of Bithumb in global market and ecosystem of cryptocurrency. If you would like to read more about security token visit this article.

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