7 Cryptocurrency trend in 2019

Expecting Cryptocurrency Trends this Year!

Among the past few years, cryptocurrency faced many ups and downs with regards to its value, security, features, and return of income. While many of them are listed infamous sites just as the Coin Offerings. If you are interested in figuring out crypto trends in 2019, still wondering whether it is worth pursuing or not. Try to read all below to find more about it.

Here, figuring out some most popular trends expect this year;

  • Demand Increased for Security Token Offering.
  • Interest Increased for Ripple.
  • Educational Resources increased its Number.
  • Price Dropped in Volatility.
  • Stable Coins Rises.
  • Investment Increased in Blockchain Technology.

Demand Increased for Security Token Offering

After passing many years of its existence, a large number of institutional investors shows their deep favor and dislike for crypto coins. Maybe it’s due to lack of centralised distribution or something like that, cryptocurrencies attract numerous fraudulent scams and theft visitors. Digital innovations and major company projects seem a big part of a financial technology company. 

Now, in 2019 financial regulators enduring a deep focus on Security Token Offering that results for an increasing number of institutional investors to make healthy investments in the field of cryptocurrency. To purchase crypto debit card after this investment isn’t hard enough!

After this STOs would take over while sharing’s some differences which highlighted as;

  • STOs must be used to be regulated by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) among traders in the United States.
  • STOs being supported by company shares, dividends and benefits required by investors.
  • In contrast with ICOs, STOs made a restricted platform for SEC.

Both ICOs and STOs have mutual advantages and disadvantages. Need for security has increased over the years while ICOs fraud cases were increased as compared to STOs especially in 2017. Considerably, STOs are recognized by financial institutions so that it completely replaced ICOs regulations. For 2019, people attract more to STOs.

Interest Increased for Ripple

If you were an institution with a lot of dollars for investment which cryptocurrency, crypto wallet with debit card and crypto debit card would you choose for your investment? Obviously, that one which contains low risk with high reward isn’t it?

As per prediction for 2019,

“For numerous institutional investors, Ripple owns the highest level of confidence and for its XRP token as well, followed by Bitcoin, Ethereum and Stellar Lumens“.

Ripple is the most trusted coin that also acts as a payment system which probably used by many financial institutions just like banks in order to transfer their funds both locally and internationally at the same time. This system doesn’t need any third party to verify transactions so helpful for peer to peer transactions. Products of Ripple like xRapid and RippleNet are going to play an important in 2019.

Although, Ripple gains massive attention in upcoming years just because of its partnership with institutions. Afterward, its demand will also increase while making it one of the best crypto coins and best crypto debit card for USA.

Educational Resources increased its Number

Apart from other security measures, many investors drawn their attention to educational resource materials in an effort to attracts more experts and budding investors in the market.

Various channels conduct a large number of webinars, online seminars, easy to follow tutorials in order to attract young adults for the progress of the cryptocurrency industry.

As per users came to know about this communication platform, an increasing number of online communities took into existence for the sake of the crypto world. Several new mobile trading platforms allow traders to manage their accounts and keep in touch with the market on the go.

Price Dropped in Volatility

Since 2017, well-known cryptocurrency Bitcoin faces price volatility when its price was dropped and after some time soared up to great heights within a matter of weeks. Considering this matter results;

  • Many investors lost a significant amount of profit.
  • Price of cryptocurrency dramatically dropped to low.
  • After this crash, some investors were jaded.

Additionally, prices were changed among crypto coins that were not subtle as well as volatile as the year passing. So that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies become stabilize when institutions took it as a superior form of payment method.

In 2019, investors were expecting these subtle changes again for cryptocurrency and crypto visa debit card but this time hoping for less volatility that was using in the past for securing investors from fraudulent activities.

Stable Coins Rises

What’s about Stable coins?

“Stable coins are the digital coins that can fairly be used as hedging tools against a potential decline of the underlying cryptocurrency”

Originally, these coins are dubbed to fiat currency as a representation. Furthermore, used to stabilize the potential volatility in these assets, backing it up with real assets. Some of them are highlighted as:

  • Bank account statement.
  • Foreign currencies.
  • Precious metals like Gold.

While stable coins are not crypto coins but most importantly, they can serve as bridges between crypto and fiat currency. Figuring out there may be no problems in tokenizing digital coins thus stable coins will work as a buffer which leads to possess something greater.

This Bridge between Crypto and Fiat currency will provide basic and important support for the cryptocurrency to attract investors and solves every bit of problem regarding tokenising digital coins. Stable coins are highly volatile therefore needed in the future for greater profit in 2019. These coins will make easier to trade and provide convenient ways for daily transactions with the help of top crypto debit cards.

Investment Increased in Blockchain Technology

Apparently, security changes occur on the way institutions, companies, and coin generators will have to invest in vast technologies in order to improve their blockchain technologies. Although will ensures that every bit of transactions remains transparent as well as their history too.
What activities would become less susceptible to fraud and third-party tampering? This increased investment in blockchain technology would allow the best security measures that every investor in 2019. Read more here.

As per many ideas tossed around hybrid coins aims to merge into fundamentals of blockchain technology with pretty much harder rules. This year, STOs will make sure to include some of the most popular coins in your wallet. You can use crypto exchanges that accept debit cards and the best crypto debit card while offering investment into blockchain technology.


With the passage of time, the role of cryptocurrency would increase as many investors show their deep interest in buying multi-crypto debit cards for their daily transaction needs. Now, cryptocurrency may provide both opportunities and risks that encounter an investor.

Since 2018, a large number of proposals and projects were introduced to ensure that we are investing in cryptocurrency is safer for everyone involved in it. Crypto investors draw the attention of various institutions towards themselves with the help of their active mind and policies. Their policies including laws, regulations and other basic measures in order to prevent their users and investors from fraudulent activities as well as scams.

While the year 2019, is started with the hope that the field of cryptocurrency may provide better opportunities for the investors of the institutions. For Sure 2k19 will provide better opportunities than ever. List of crypto debit cards also helps to invest in the field of cryptocurrency.

Here, you can be assured about all the trends and predictions for 2k19 regarding with cryptocurrency. Stay connected with us for more information about trending news and discussions on popular Cryptocurrencies.

Good Luck.