Comments of Jamie Dimon on Bitcoin Exchange

What JP Morgan published on his Comments

JP Morgan and its cooperation is considered to be the largest economical and financial company which was originate in 2000 by the support of big organisation. Now this firm is run by its CEO named Jamie Dimon. It is not only largest company instead it is also one of the most valuable company of the world. Jamie Dimon is known as American banker who is currently paid his duty as CEO of largest Organisation JP Morgan. In the field of cryptocurrency, Jamie Dimon is considered to be a big icon among the Bitcoin critics.

Bitcoin leads to have an innovative effect in the world of cryptocurrency and technology. It influences a large number of sectors in global market. On October 31st, Bitcoin (BTC) celebrates their 10th anniversary which was also discussed in white-paper. Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan suggest in a debate about the leading role of cryptocurrency and he also attempts to extricate himself from this debate. He made some reluctant comments in this conference. If you would like to read more about Jamie Domin comments visit this article.

What CNBC says about FRAUD?

On 31st October Tuesday, an official media group named CNBC make an official report on the comments made by Jamie Dimon at Axios Conference held in Los Angeles. According to this report the statement that is made by CEO is mentioned as “Reluctant”. They referred the notorious statement into Nakamoto’s invention based on Fraud. The CEO of this company stated that:

“I was just having regret on what I said. I can’t change my words. I didn’t want to speak against for the company named Bitcoin. Somehow the point is I really don’t want to give a shit. Blockchain is real kind of technology except of any kind of Fraud. On the other hand, Bitcoin and fiat currency are not same”.

According to the Bloomberg report it was cleared that CEO Jamie Dimon specifically called Bitcoin “A Fraud”. He also stated that Bitcoin technology is worse than that of tulip bulb and its order of cards and bitcoin credit card also didn’t make any sense. His most of the interviews are based the bad points on Bitcoin. For him Bitcoin destroys the company’s image and also the career of person who choose it. It may cause crash in marketing value of specific company through blocking their token card and activate card. If you would like to read more about Jamie Dimon returns to Bitcoin visit this article.

Jamie Dimon Steps back from his words!! WHY?

When we read previous reports, it was confirmed that the history of Dimon with Bitcoin is not very good which was started in 2017. Dimon was famous for becoming a critic towards Bitcoin technology. A sharp kind of fleeting dent creates when his critical rhetoric creates asset’s price. Despite of lack of interest in Bitcoin, Jamie stated an unobvious statement about the relationship of government with Bitcoin technology. He stated that;

“The presence and statement of Bitcoin is always unclear for me as it becomes very big. I am not against this technology but having some different reviews on it.”

This statement gave some unclear impacts on Bitcoin by CEO. Through pledges to keep silent on same issue he again began to start his talk on Bitcoin in January. While making his views clear on that he regretted on words which he said on the account of Bitcoin. Being silent on this specific topic it was concluded that CEO is going to present himself as embroiled in the topic of Bitcoin talk. He was regretting by the words he uses to say at the conference. Beyond his way of thinking, the technology of Bitcoin gets avowed indifference in this situation. The banks are looking for more space in finding the best mechanism to use these technologies in their system. If you would like to read more what Jamie Dimon says visit this article.


Despite of the ambivalence of CEO, some silent figures have potential to make receptive sentence within a banking giant to move towards the crypto world. Somehow most of the institutions show positive signals regarding crypto are specifically mixed in functioning. JP Morgan now creating a chase for adding a new segment on cryptocurrencies that was named as “Risk Factor”. The non-banking officials and financial institutions face new level of risk that specifically depends on the payment procedures as well as other services which disrupted by technologies. This does not require intermediation.

Digital Transformation of Blockchain Technology;

Latest comments of Dimon on this account reveals that JP Morgan is free to make any kind of comments on this technology as they run blockchain technology in most effective way as well as runs straightforwardly. Another transformation is going to present on this month by JP Morgan which reveals that digital transformation of blockchain is key factor for the mechanism of banks round-map. He represents it as its key.

JP Morgan is trying to save its competitive edge from the terms of non-financial banks and other important firms. Other reports confirmed that JP Morgan also in effort to expand his blockchain payment towards 75 multinational banks. Main goal of these banks is just to support the technology of blockchain in most effective order. It the term of ceding phenomenon towards another bank, the payment is considered to be most important segments which these banks worry the most. According to Goldberg review:

“Blockchain is a kind of technology which keeps the payment of banks in house or in most secure forum”

JP Morgan doesn’t need to form a central focus in order to promote the business of blockchain technology. We are likely in favour to use every technology of cryptocurrency as all are helpful for us to lead the business of cryptocurrency in most effective way. We always show a positive concern on it!! Good luck.

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