CoinRule – Smart assistant for Cryptocurrency traders

Today, we will discover what is CoinRule, how it works and the team behind it with their CEO and COO. Let’s start with it!

Hello Guys, Thanks for taking the time to present your project to our community.

To start, can you explain us what is CoinRule?

CoinRule is a smart assistant for Cryptocurrency traders that lets you build trading bots and strategies without having to program a single line of code. But we don’t stop there! CoinRule helps users get started in the crypto trading world with guidance, template strategies and a private trader community. Someone even called us Duolingo for Cryptocurrency Trading!

How does CoinRule work?

CoinRule is built on the If-this-then-that (IFTTT) principle. With this principle you can build trading rules for specific conditions: ‘If the price of Bitcoin goes up 3% and volume goes up 5% within 3 hours, buy $500 of BTC with my USDC wallet’. You can also backtest your trading strategies on data from last year or test your rules on a Demo Exchange before launching them live in the market.

Who is the team behind CoinRule?

CoinRule was founded by Gabriele and Oleg who were later joined by Zdenek. Our backgrounds are in banking, finTech, user experience and back-end technologies. All of us have previously built companies and discovered the ‘magic’ of crypto over the past 3 years.

How safe is the platform?

CoinRule does not keep user funds and we do not have withdrawal right access to a user’s exchange account. That means nobody can access a user’s funds through CoinRule. We also store API keys in encrypted form with 256bit AES encryption and dedicated private keys which are generated for each user separately. These private keys are stored on detached data storage which is also encrypted with AES-256.

Tell us how is your experience at MKB FinTechLab accelerator so far?

We love it! It’s great to have weekly sessions with highly experienced traders such as our mentor who is the Head of the Treasury and runs the bank’s trading floor. Maybe best of all, we are working (and living!) together with some great startups here – this is a fantastic opportunity to learn from our peers.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

CoinRule is now in public alpha on and we are constantly looking for testers as we are improving the platform whilst rolling out new features every week! This is a great time for anyone interested in trading crypto to get involved in our community and help us shape the first retail-friendly cryptocurrency trading tool!

Have a great day!

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