China Launches the Blockchain Laboratory

Is Agreement with Xunlei Limited induces any change???

It was confirmed by the large media groups of China named People Capital, People’s daily Online and also the Chinese Communist Party, according to them in order to empower the technology and economy of China, Xunlei Limited agree to sign an agreement which makes marvellous innovation into the economy of China. Both General Manager of People Capital Mr. Zhao and CEO of One thing Technologies Mr. Lei Chain signed and introduced first blockchain technology laboratory in their country. Both members are keenly making efforts to explore the technology of blockchain towards a foundation kind of technology in all companies and businesses of China and also keeps order of cards in detail. On the other hand, workshops, seminars and other competitions are arranged by this high-level industrial service platform to build up the office activities with respect to the blockchain application. Payment methods are also organised through using crypto debit card, Visa or Mastercard, token card or through best cryptocurrency card. If you would like to read more about crypto news in China visit this article.

On July 22, the main key factors of this mega partnership are described as follow:

  • The making and introduction of blockchain laboratory is formed due to global partnership agreement.
  • This agreement shows a strong relationship and partnership between People’s Daily Online and Xunlei on the date of 22 July.
  • Also, the making of this partnership took place at China-US Entrepreneur and Investment Summit.
  • Because of this partnership, promoting innovation and identification of potential startup is also took part in the field of blockchain sector.
  • This alliance which took apart between these companies is considered to be a kind of Global Partnership Agreement.
  • This partnership is also hosted by People’s Daily Online in many cores of United States.

Concept of ThunderChain File System (TCFS):

As we know that People’s Daily is one of the most important and big media group of China therefore, it is considered to be the largest online news forum of China. With the help of using this forum Communist Party able to distribute their important and logical views on all kinds of contemporary event. This is such a useful and helpful kind of forum whose technologies and news are up to the mark therefore it is taking the noble trust of Chinese people. BitTorrent application of Chinese official department provides the Xunlei Limited a new, innovated and most advance kind of blockchain technology, this cloud company was assessing pivoting the lead the industry of blockchain technology. If you would like to read more about Blockchain research lab in China visit this article.

As the company keeps on presenting higher performance therefore this blockchain company is going to introduce and launched a sort of distributed file system that is named as ThunderChain File System which shortly abbreviated as TCSF.

TCSF have the following key functions which have to be considered seriously:

  • TCSF is distributed file System Company that is launched by blockchain technology system.
  • This company will provide the investors and distributed a new and open kind of platform in July, hopefully.
  • DLT platforms acts as backbone system for the production and making of this distributed file System Company, and its functions are organised in such a way that strongly supports the applications of DLT platforms.

Build a Blockchain Laboratory, WHY???

In order to explore the meaningful and necessary use of blockchain technology, People Capital and Xunlei are making interest in building up a partnership in the form of blockchain laboratory. This blockchain laboratory uses its technology in various sites and sectors of businesses in China. DLT startups were organised by different companies in order to promote, share and identify the nature of this laboratory. Offline Fintech seminars, workshops and events were organised to create the alliance of this laboratory. If you would like to read more about blockchain laboratory visit this article.

People Capital’s Blockchain Institute for Research is involved in taking the preview and work of this laboratory. This platform also serves a research institute which specifically focuses on the idea and work of Distributed Ledger Technology. According to the notes and views of CEO Lei Chan this company mainly focuses on the blockchain related technology and its development also took across the whole ecosystem in whole time. ThunderChain company also launch further development of this system in detail.

In other words, ThunderChain is open platform which seems to be having decentralised file storage system. Xunlei explains in his view that this system has ability to make 1 million transactions per second and also the scalability and stability did not suffer due to its most important applications.

CCN Reports about Blockpass Identity Lab!!!

In most of the reports of CCN it was concluded that world’s first blockchain identity lab is going to launch during the last month and this main platform is known as Blockpass Identity Lab. Hong Kong was interested in making and introducing such kind of firm that specifically based on blockchain system. Also, the system is directly linked with Blockpass IDN which makes a collaboration of about 600,000 with Hong Kong. Personal data this research system was protected by the use of methods that are involved in distributed Ledger Technology. Edinburg Napier university took part to introduce this system in detail also helps the protection of these data. This blockchain technology leads the users to protect their data and information secure without any fear. If you would like to read more about blockchain lab visit this article.

The decentralised platforms provide opportunities to the all users for providing their investment without any kind of hurdle as this lab is secure with most advance kind of system that will protect every user’s data without any extra cost. It also recommends the external users and investors to keep trust on this system in order to feel secure.

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