Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in the world of cryptocurrency defines an event by which a community raises funds for a new cryptocurrency project

How Amon Secures its ICO Investors and Usersq

We take security very seriously. Here’s a Q&A with our security partner of Econocom Group. We want our investors...

  20.05.2018 83

Meet Aran Hakki, one of AMON’s Advisorsq

What do you see in Amon that cements its place as the leading Crypto Card? Amon has the only card...

  20.05.2018 86

Amon Wallet’s Alpha version is Here!q

Head on over to our website and try out our Wallet’s Alpha version. You will find links to get a testnet...

  20.05.2018 83

Q&A with Daniele Izzo, Founder & CEO at AMONq

What drove the idea behind founding Amon? The idea behind Amon came from real life experience. Just like everyone, when...

  20.05.2018 84

Amon to take center stage at the Blockchain Economic Forum, Singaporeq

Come meet Amon’s Founders at the Blockchain Economic Forum in Singapore that runs from February 3rd to February 6th. The...

  20.05.2018 83

Meet Daniele, Amon’s CEO and Co-Founderq

Q&A With Daniele Izzo, Founder & CEO at AMON What drove the idea behind founding Amon? The idea behind Amon...

  20.05.2018 87

How Amon’s AI Solves The Problem Of Spending Cryptosq

Cryptos can revolutionise the economy by becoming a daily means of spending, used interchangeably with fiat currency. For this to...

  20.05.2018 83

Amon’s Multi Currency Wallet and it’s Benefitsq

If you’ve ever gone to a store, cafe, restaurant where you wanted to spend money but the majority of your...

  20.05.2018 82

Amon Blazes Aheadq

  20.05.2018 83

The 5 Top Reasons Why You Should Join Amon’s Whitelist Nowq

Although the crypto economy is still in its infancy, the market is expanding — quickly. From approximately 4.6 million crypto wallets at the...

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