Blockchain based Solar Energy by Utility Companies in Singapore

Introduction of Blockchain Power Renewed Energy:

SP is considered to be the most well-known group in Singapore, this corporation is now going to provide gas and electricity transmission in some parts of Singapore. They are really near to launch blockchain system of power renewed energy in marketplace which is certified by REC. This official news was posted in newspapers by the company on Monday 29. Blockchain is a kind of Digitised ledger through which transactions are done in most effective way. The transformation and transactions that were made on this blockchain was recorded and verified too. Bitcoin success hides under the establishment of blockchain technology as blockchain is responsible for promoting the business of cryptocurrency. Beside making the cryptocurrency strong, blockchain is also involved in supporting such transactions through debit card, crypto credit card and activate card, that need personal identification, decision making audit from the person who are considering this technology as big platform and also order of cards are discussed on this platform. If you would like to read more about Blockchain power renewed energy visit this article.

ASEAN energy business forum:

As per the searches, it was concluded that platform which was named as ASEAN energy business forum seems to be the best kind of platform for the promotion of blockchain technology. The official platform of blockchain technology is going to held in Singapore. This is really a great news for cryptocurrency users. The official press of SP group revealed that blockchain is very helping for the company to increase its efficiency and also its transparency. This press release was introduced by SP group. Chief officer of the corporation of digital assets suggest that by using the technology of blockchain we can make trade in most effective phenomena. According to views of Samuel Tan:

“With the help of blockchain technology we can trade as well as make partnership with other companies in order to get profit and reward. Renewable energy certificates are specifically given by the officials of blockchain technology which will help them in making the business strong and powerful. Investors and businessman also get profit in the form of cryptocurrency and they will also get and achieve their targets.”

The marketplace of RECs will support the system of blockchain in both terms for example in local and international forums. RECs also take the responsibilities of the documents which are having the proof of used amount of electricity and gas. This has been provided by the solar batteries of RECs firm. DBS bank shows and signed an agreement of doing business with the developers of CDL and owners of multinationals companies and global real estates developer known as CDL also took participation in this whole process. If you would like to read more about energy provider launches Blockchain marketplace for green energy visit this article.


Cleantech Solar Asia, LYS Energy Solutions and Katoen Natie Singapore, these three are known as best energy sellers who recently going to join the marketplace of blockchain. Energy is known to be the most important phenomenon of discussion in the field of blockchain technology. Use of energy is very necessary for the development of blockchain and cryptocurrency world. It is very necessary for overestimate the energy sector in digital terms. The energy that was taken by Bitcoin is more than that of other countries taken on this world. This seems to be very important phenomena to be discussed on. As the waste of energy is not good for all of us. The officials of government are taking steps to reduce the amount of energy as used by the companies whose systems are based on cryptocurrency and blockchain. As we can see that it will create a hurdle for the business of cryptocurrency and blockchain to move on and work properly. If you would like to read more about renewable energy visit this article.

Singapore is going to solve their problems by adopting the system of blockchain and cryptocurrency in their systems of banks and other big companies. As Singapore is not new for blockchain based energy solutions. In October, report was conducted by Cointelegraph in which they suggest that decentralised system is going to introduce whose basic functions are based on peer-to-peer electricity which is further powered by SkyLedger. This platform will have the citizens on the account of energy resources and trading of renewable energy. SkyLedger is known to be the best platform in the whole blockchain technology.


In order to produce and trade the energy products a decentralised system of this kind is used. Solar energy production is really a big phenomenon which have to be driven by experts. A decentralised system is best for using search big problem and it seems to be its best solution. In February the officials of United States and New York have decided to create a Microgrid project in which the buyers and sellers of solar energy took place. They were created by solar panels. Blockchain technology is undergo with a different set of cryptocurrencies which works efficiently in their respective fields. Studies suggest that the cryptocurrency mining uses a lot of energy in their official sectors. Therefore, blockchain technology have to provide some authentic application that will prevent these kinds of applications to use lesson amount of energy. This state of Australia also uses the blockchain energy portals in most of their companies and banks. They recently announced to make a trial on creating such programs that will help the blockchain to step forward and create a solar energy programme whose worth 75 million. They apply this solar program on to the shopping mall of Australia whose results are amazing as well as astonishing.

We are keenly interested in promoting the business of blockchain as well as cryptocurrency in most of the states of world. As use of this technology will lead a solid production in the business and also transactions that are made on this platform are also very fast.

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