All about Smart Contracts and Blockchain Networks

One of the best features of blockchain technology is its decentralized nature. That shows that the main information is shared by all the groups of networks. Consequently, the need for a third party or intermediary is eliminated from such operations. This feature is particularly helpful when it saves from hacks and fraudulent activities.

Blockchain technology with smart contracts offers a feature-rich, fast, cheap and creative mode of transactions. So, let’s have some detail discussion on it.

How Smart Contracts Works

Now, most of the organizations in whether related to government or with the banking sector adopted this advance technology named blockchain. This advance technology deals with the importance and demand for smart contracts showing a list of crypto Kittie’s prices to create creative applications of blockchain in the market.

Now, a question may arise in your mind about the concept of smart contracts, what they are and how do they work? Simply, we can describe smart contracts as;

“A smart contract is computer software which immediately controls the transfer of digital currencies among the buying and selling parties with the presence of authorized rules which are approved by both parties”.

Smart contracts are constructed and implemented within the technology network of blockchain, hence they inherit some of the blockchain’s properties which are;

1. Immutable: It means they can be changed, or no one could either break it as this platform shows a number of different crypto price charts.
2. Distributed: It means that the findings of any contract are validated by everyone in the network. Distribution makes it possible for users to detect the misappropriation in the network and mark it as invalid as it helps in knowing how much crypto priced?
3. Self-Verified: All the transactions are self-verified, so it helps users to stay away from attackers.

What’s the main idea behind Smart Contracts?

Since smart contract eliminates reliance on the third party when establishing any kind of business relations. These parties are making an agreement that helps to transact directly with each other as it is related to cryptos price too.

Smart contracts work in a very simple and efficient way which we will describe in some points. They mainly follow three main steps:

  1. Initially, a contract is written in codes for some parties and later on, posted on the network of blockchain.
  2. Secondly, the whole event will get activated by the execution of the contract.
  3. Finally, after the above step, the contract is executed safely.

Once this process completed, both parties will receive their funds in the form of cryptos prices, tokens, assets or payments as promised. If the dependent protocols aren’t satisfied with the process, then smart contracts will return their product to their respective owners.

Further, the smart contract ledger will shelter some details and imposes an unchangeable feature on it. This means that, once the data is stored, it can’t be changed or even alter them.

One’s need to Create ICOs Smart Contracts

A smart contract, alternatively, can accomplish some important crowdfunding actions whose main highlights are;

  • Sharing projects.
  • Setting goals.
  • Collecting Donations.

Simply, we can say that a smart program could be started in order to receive funds until the goal is achieved. If the project gets its funding is in crypto price before the deadline, then money raises automatically which goes to the product team. If the project failed to receive any funds then money gets back to supporters.

Hence, Smart Contract is stored inside blockchain where all the data is kept secure in a distributed manner, where no one is in the control of the money.

Here, we also mention the need for ICOs Smart Contracts which drops into the following points:

  • ICO Contract: Software is required here to make access to goods and services etc.
  • Digital Signature: Participants in ICOs Smart Contracts should sign the digital signature in order to get their private keys and shows a list of crypto prices today.
  • Conditions of Contract: These are the terms which required to enforce the smart contracts. This should also be signed by all participants.

Blockchain Networks that use Smart Contracts

Much has been said about the use of blockchain technology in smart contracts. While there are other many examples of smart contracts executed within different networks of blockchain and projects who tend to receive crypto price alerts. But, most noticeable among them are named as;

  • Bitcoin Smart Contracts.
  • Ethereum Smart Contracts.
  • Hyperledger Smart Contracts.
  • Stellar Smart Contracts.

Bitcoin Smart Contracts

Although, Bitcoin is mostly known for transactions among the world of cryptocurrency. Its basic strategy can also be used to create smart contracts. Bitcoin delivers a programming language that enables custom smart contracts, for example, multi-signature accounts, payment channels, escrows and time locks.

Ethereum Smart Contracts

Ethereum is another popular Blockchain platform, which can be used for comprising smart contracts. It is known to be an open-source public blockchain that was initially used to create the original blockchain platform.

Ethereum continues to be a pioneer by providing its standard support to its customers. It is a decentralized platform that leads smart contracts without any possibility of downtime, censorship and any type of fraudulent activities.

Hyperledger Smart Contracts

Hyperledger, a platform that was introduced in 2015 and was set up by the Linux Foundation. Currently, this mega platform has a set of different tools just like Hyper ledger Composer, which allows investors to built smart contracts effectively. It is an open-source program and highly supported by IBM.

Stellar Smart Contracts

It is one of the oldest blockchain platforms that was established in the year 2014. This smart contract is useful for all and is maintained by Stellar Development Foundation.

Advantages of Using Blockchain Smart Contracts

The following are the main benefits that investors gain using blockchain smart contracts.

Immediate Dealing with Buyers: Using smart contracts will eliminate the need for any kind of intermediaries, hence, allows for clear and transparent direct relationships with customers.

Disagreement to Failure: Since in blockchain smart contracts, businesses aren’t dependent on a third party where no single person is in the control of money or data. It means the whole system of smart contracts is decentralized in nature in which if any individual leaves the blockchain network, the network will proceed to function with no loss of any data in the form of all crypto prices.

Trustworthy: Most of the business agreements made under blockchain smart contracts are automatically executed and enforced. Plus, these basic agreements are immutable and thus unable to break.

Fraud Reduction: Although, smart contracts are stored in a distributed blockchain network, their findings are validated by everyone in the network. Hence, no external force could either control nor release other people’s funds or data in top crypto prices.

Cost Efficiency: Eliminating all types of intermediaries reduces additional fees, which allowed businesses and their consumers to not only transact directly but also to do so with low fees for all transactions.

History Keeping: All the contract transactions are protected in chronological order in the blockchain and can be easily accessed along with the complete audit trail.


As the Blockchain industry continues to move into more industries, therefore we could expect Smart Contracts to pay the wave for the future. By using such a big platform, most of the industrial sectors would start managing these things even more effectively.

As inheriting from blockchain technology, smart contracts have distributed storage which makes it different from most of the traditional agreements provided by other platforms.

Blockchain technology is already taken the whole system, it took forward steps to revolutionize the way in which industries operate with the snap of a finger.

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