What ICO are going to be the top ones in 2020?

It’s there been a single word around everyone’s lip and that is “Cryptocurrency“. If you’re very well known about it then make sure that you got everything at the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss ICOs predictions and platforms which are going to be the top ones expecting in 2020. So, Let’s get started.

Concept of ICO

As if you know that ICOs are commonly known by these two terms named Initial Coin Offerings or Initial Currency Offerings. Let’s suppose to understand this giving you an example, you are going to start a new cryptocurrency business that shows crypto kitties price, the only problem that you probably be facing is to raise money for your cryptocurrency capital.

Best ICO Platforms predicted to be in Top Ones of 2020

For this reason, you may approach banks for loans through live crypto price or something like that. But what if you can easily raise your capital of cryptocurrency without giving anything to anyone? Yes, here comes ICOs in the picture to help you. For availing services via ICOs you should have to follow some steps:

  • First, you’ll need to prepare a white paper with every single detail about your business on it.
  • Now, you should have to create a website that will a well-structured as well through which you can easily host your currency.
  • On this website, you should have to arrange another page that describes your actual reason for the people with crypto priced.
  • Now, do the promotion of ICOs and ask for money from people for your business.
  • By following these steps, you raise your value automatically.

Best ICO Platforms predicted to be in Top Ones of 2020

We can describe Initial Coin Offerings ICOs is a cryptocurrency industry that acts as the equivalent to an Initial Public Offerings (IPOs). It is a good way to raise your money, where other companies looking to raise funds by creating a new coin, app or other services, also crypto pricing.

ICOs are emerging in the crypto market with the passage of time. Most people are taking interest in this field as they want to raise their capital as well as their money high. In 2020, many people are expecting to be involved in this platform for gaining maximum profit as they can afford. For this, no legal intimation or policies are available which should have to follow in order to get onto these fantastic platforms.

ICOs are famous fundraising methods that are used by startups that wish to offer products and many services that help to grow your capital also usually related to cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

Now, let’s talk about some cryptocurrency platforms which are not only famous but also help you to start your new journey in 2020. These platforms will help you in the near future to grow your business like never before so let’s explain them in detail here.

Best ICO Platforms predicted to be in Top Ones of 2020 are:

  1. ICO Bench
  2. CoinGecko
  3. Coin Factory
  4. ICO Drops
  5. ICOHunter
  6. CoinLaunch

ICO Bench

It is one of the famous platforms for its rating and reviews on ICOs. ICOs Bench experts and professionals come from many backgrounds just like from legal, media, marketing, finance, investment and trading as well.

These experts do all reviews and ratings on ICOs. ICO Bench will allow you to get to know about many whitepapers, teams and ICOs funding etc. Website of ICO Bench sorted by many categories that represent many industries and their main motives about a business that they run by knowing crypto price today. Also, the ICO Bench is currently working on a specific kind of robot called benchy&rsquo.

Once interaction with AI implementation is done, then you can fairly interact with a bench from a list of famous channels.
Did you know that these AI programs will solve many problems of your related ICOs and information about crypto price alerts? Yes, just like prices of different currencies, legal adults and stats on ROI.

Now, from current sources, ICO Bench has raised US$ 27 billion from ICOs and US$ 1.7 billion from IEO (Initial Exchange Offerings).


CoinGecko has been emerging since 2014 and known to be the world’s largest crypto data platform. It is a big platform for any crypto user and has its own charting app and website too. It is also famous for its fundamental analysis available in the cryptocurrency market.

They also give full information on coin prices, coin volume as well as market valuations plus capitalization. On the other hand, this platform track crypto market growth as well.

This platform also is known for covering major events and also open-source code development using the values of the crypto stock price. If you want to know about current cryptocurrency rates, then this must be the best choice for that. Also, they can provide full information on different exchanges, the latest news about the cryptocurrency market as well.

Coin Factory

It is typically based on US regulations and also was founded in 2016. Accubits Technologies is the main associate of the Coin factory. Are you looking for the most advanced and user-friendly experience? Then, Coin Factory will be your destination. Through this, you can purchase any ICO token and known to have experience with all crypto prices.

This platform will help you by providing more than 14 different languages to make you more comfortable by speaking in your native language. This platform also provides current currency rates and also stellar crypto price.

Also, you can make payments in 12+ currencies that proves to be its best part.
Basically, this platform builds for those investors, who can make big money out of it and know about crypto price alerts.

ICO drops

It is another best and reviewing and rating website. This platform gives you a private key of information that is listed on their ICOs platforms. Technically, ICO Drops is famous for three lists;

● Active ICOs.
● Upcoming ICOs.
● Ended ICOs.

If you’re an addict of listening daily dose of ICOs information or latest updates, then this will be your best choice. The best part is they also provide an ICO calendar on your device so you can easily mark up the upcoming dates of your events.

Bounty lovers, you also have something here. There is a specific bounty list available here that will help you to plan your weekly email lists.


The main aim of this platform is to provide detailed information about different ICO projects to all investors. So, they could make the right choice and invest their valuable money on the right projects.

On this platform, you just have to select any project and after this, you’ll receive all the details and details related to it. This information thus reviewed by ICOHunters experts.

It is an independent platform that can never make any partnership with any advertisement and blockchain industry. They also provide you main features just like ongoing projects, upcoming projects and previous projects so you can easily track them.


It is a complete platform for crypto assets insurance. In this, you can create, manage and deploy your regulations for different crypto assets.

It is also a dedicated page for Bitcoin and Ethereum where you have access to all information. If you choose this platform, you can manage your crowd sale campaigns and different ERC tokens by easily using Dashboard.

Practically, you can get access to it by having a key feature of geo-targeting where you can easily target a specific group of people who stays at any geographical location.

But only you can get this access by fulfilling regulatory and legal requirements. With its price tracker feature, you can easily track daily fluctuations on the go.

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