Top 10+ Cryptocurrency Wallets [2020 updated list]

In this guide, we’ll teach you everything you know about the best cryptocurrency wallets if you’re new for cryptocurrency business.

Whether you want to start with Bitcoin or Ethereum, you’ll need a crypto wallet for sure. Today, the market for cryptocurrencies has a lot of choices in choosing wallets for their clients that may include Desktop wallets, iOS and Android wallets that can simply get through downloading them according to their device they prefer.

Crypto Wallets and their Working

We will start the discussion by briefly describing the meaning of crypto wallets:

“Crypto wallets or short wallets are small chunks of software that gives you complete access to any cryptocurrency you want to own.”

Generally, there are two types of wallets listed below;

  • Hot Wallet.
  • Cold Wallet.

Hot Wallet: A hot wallet is when it’s pertained to the internet directly. Nothing on the internet today is secure, so funds or crypto kitty’s prices kept at a hot wallet are always at a slight risk.

Cold Wallet: A wallet that is safe because it’s available offline and can’t be accidentally risked over the Internet.

➔ A wallet also provides two keys named Public and Private key;

Public Key: This is basically a wallet address where anyone can access if they want to connect with you. Just like a bank account number for the sender in order to send money like live crypto price to your wallet.

Private Key: This key is how one can access on his wallet. It’s just like a Pin number which is used to open your wallet. This key must be to be secure or kept private.

Top 10+ Crypto Wallets So Far

To let you know about the best crypto wallet in 2020 is a little bit tricky but don’t worry, here we are going to discuss the best crypto wallets which enables you to take the right decision.

1) CoinBase Wallet

This wallet helps the user interface which can be easy for beginners to understand financial instruments and cryptos price along with popular cryptocurrency. In the CoinBase wallet, you can stock more than one signature and also two-factor authentication ensures the best security of your wallet.
CoinBase Wallet

Being supported by a large number of investors and backed by multiple reputable changes, this wallet has a unique status in the market. Bitcoin is not supported here, but this crypto wallet has a bright future ahead.

2) Amon Wallet

Amon wallet proved to be the best wallet in the market these days as a large number of people are directly or indirectly connected with this.

Amon Wallet

It is powerful as well as a multi-currency crypto wallet and true state of art artificial intelligence that delivers best values along with this crypto holder in everyday purchases. By using Amon wallet, you can easily solve your two existential problems such as;

● Real-time conversation.
● Dealing with crypto-volatility.

Developers of crypto wallets believe they can easily de-mystified crypto payments and crypto pricing which help in crypto spending in daily life.

3) Exodus Wallet

Exodus Wallet is another best crypto wallet which referred to as desktop, mobile as well as hardware wallets to its users. This crypto wallet is best and known for its hassle-free use. Also, this wallet helps users to use the power of exchange between multiple platforms and get know about crypto prices today.

Exodus Wallet

It supports major and most popular cryptocurrencies. You didn’t have to link your bank account to buy Bitcoin or Ether, you can simply get them using fiat deposits. This crypto wallet didn’t support two-factor authentication or multi signatures.

4) Copay Wallet

A well-known company called Bitpay created this wallet. It enables many businesses to use or allow Bitcoin as payments. CoPay is supposed to be the most accepted Bitcoin wallet around the world. It uses simple processes in order to complete a transaction from anywhere in the world.

Copay Wallet

Although, two-factor authentication isn’t available on this Copay wallet. All keys are stored locally, rather than cloud to assure device-based security and crypto price alerts.

5) BRD Wallet

It is the first-ever wallet that specifically affects customer allegiance and reward program. By using this great wallet with great features you can simply exchange BTC, BCH, ETH and all ERC-20 tokens.

BRD Wallet

This BRD wallet is also best for security reasons as it is highly secured because the connection makes it directly with the Bitcoin network. You can easily exchange Bitcoin with this wallet at any time and anywhere.

The primary goal of this wallet is to make cryptocurrency and crypto price charts accessible to everyone.

6) Jaxx Liberty Wallet

Jaxx is also known for its great opportunities provided to their clients. It is the best multi-currency and multi-platform that comes up with all cryptocurrencies that were operating since 2014.

Jaxx Liberty Wallet

Did you know that you can exchange more than 80 cryptocurrencies on Jaxx wallet? Moreover, it accomplished all important features like transaction history, coin balance, all crypto prices as well as insights of that particular coin you use.

Being a freshman, your new journey with Jaxx Liberty wallet is 100% free and trusted by many other people around all over the world.

7) KeepKey Wallet

Basically, it is a hardware wallet that keeps and stores all of your coins and keys in cold storage to keep it safe and secure from computer vulnerabilities.

KeepKey Wallet

For secure and high profile security system, a 12 digit code is generated in every device while you can also retrieve them in the case when you lost it.

You can compete with any kind of transaction using their main software known as Electrum and MultiBit.

It is the best HD wallet if you’re looking for a safe and sound wallet from any kind of physical or virtual attack.

8) Trezor Wallet

Are you considering hardware wallets only? So, consider this Trezor wallet as it is considered as best Bitcoin wallet indeed. It supplies you the power of storing all of your assets like the stellar crypto price at one single platform.

Trezor Wallet

It stored that asset in cold storage and use it like a hot wallet. Isn’t that amazing? It also be ca. used safely in a computer that was being affected by malware. Due to its small and portable design, it can be carried out easily while travelling.

Price is highly affordable and the outer screen of the device is being protected by three layers. This hardware wallet is being used by millions of people and can be connected easily with your computer through USB.

9) FreeWallet

FreeWallet is another best one wallet from the list of wallets mentioned earlier. It is one of the best crypto wallets that have built-in crypto exchange system. That mega crypto exchange system allows you to acquire and trade all the significant cryptocurrencies and crypto live prices you want to trade.


FreeWallet helps you to save funds from spending on any other exchange platform. This amazing digital wallet is Hierarchical Deterministic and also supports multiple kinds of signatures. Besides this, FreeWallet is also compatible with Android, iOS and online platforms.

The best thing about this wallet is users can make any transaction without any fees while only network fees are required for making any transaction.

10) Ledger Nano A Wallet

Another one of the best crypto wallet that offers unique features found at the lowest price. This device is portable and can be carried out easily at anywhere. It is the best hardware wallet whole basic procedures are all hassle-free and also supports a wide variety of cryptos. Its appearance looks like a foldable USB sized device that you can easily carry from one place to another.

Ledger Nano A Wallet

It offers you an OLED screen so there is no chance of exposing your private keys as nothing is stored in this wallet. This wallet secured your money with a pin code that is necessary for ensuring security if you lost your device accidentally. You can check multiple accounts on it which can be managed easily.

11) Infinito Wallet

It is known to be the first crypto wallet that can make global transactions that can available to the users easily. This universal kind of wallet ensures everyone faster transactions as well as regulate them 24/7 of blockchain.

Infinito Wallet

It is popular because of fast access to applications with optimized security steps. This wallet stored a large number of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Neo Tokens as well. It also has the following features;

❖ Contacts and Price Management.
❖ Multi-language.
❖ Having Transaction history.
❖ QR code scanner.
❖ Virtual Portfolio.

12) Nexo Wallet

If you’re using the Nexo wallet then this must be the best wallet for you. It provides a 30% profit to its users as dividend payments. You can easily check the value of your assets without even selling them.

Nexo Wallet

So, you can decide the perfect time when you need to sell your amount. It also allows you to take cry to loan and also provides crypto-backed loans.

13) Bitcoin Wallet

As you know Bitcoin is famous all around the world. So, Bitcoin Wallet also earned its reputation over other crypto wallets in the competitive market.

Bitcoin Wallet

It is the safest wallet ever and already engaged with more than million wallet users in the world. Moreover, over $200 billion transactions have been reported earlier.

14) Blockchain.Com Wallet

This blockchain wallet is similar to Coinbase. It typically allows users to send or receive payments directly from the mobile app.

Blockchain.Com Wallet

This wallet is being supported by more than thirty-five countries. Transaction fees are affordable and also this wallet supports Bitcoin, BTC, Ethereum and Stellar Lumens. This wallet is well-equipped and also performs well in managing all security issues.

15) Greencoin Wallet

It is known to be the best BTC wallet just because of its balancing between the most convenient and secure transactions related to Bitcoin. This wallet is specially designed for experienced investors and its system is also powerful. It can also be integrated with Android and iOS to use it while on the go. Users can easily send, receive or exchange Bitcoins through using strong and responsive UI.

Greencoin Wallet

16) Bitamp

Bitamp is an open-source, client-side, free Bitcoin wallet which allows you to send and receive Bitcoin instantly on the blockchain. All while remaining in complete control of your seed and private keys.

Easy to use, client-side, open-source Bitcoin wallet to send and receive BTC from anywhere, on any device.

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